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Friday, October 21, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (21 Oct 2011)

Gory Prince George's
Public Safety
County Government and Politics
  • Gazette: No support for gambling? No revenue (Robert West ltr) Legislating morality doesn’t work, as Prohibition proved is.gd/Y6TzME.
State Government and Politics
  • Gazette: Winners & losers in 2011 special session; Who made out & who lost out during 4-day flash meeting of MD Gen Ass is.gd/rNvfOy 
  • MDPolicy Battle over the #DREAMact continues as Casa de MD takes first step against referendum petition. su.pr/5bLY9S #MDpolitics #MDtweets
  • Redistricting:
    • Gazette (Editorial): Redistricting done, on to gas tax; Vote goes as expected, with Bartlett targeted is.gd/2WpLVC 
    • mdreporter State Roundup: Redistricting map is law, minorities to challenge it; Garagiola, Trachtenberg, Coblentz take on Bartlett.http://bit.ly/nc80ra 
    • MarkNewgent With gerrymandering @mddems @GovernorOMalley reiterate their commitment to "party trumps race" bit.ly/oBNTPe #MDPolitics
    • Gazette (Blair Lee): Gerrymanderland is.gd/7pFRUI 
    • Gazette: Minority representation may dominate next dist shift; Creating fair leg map could put sitting lawmakers @ odds is.gd/vaM7LE 
    • Post: Political battle over Md. redistricting over, but legal fight concerning minorities ready to take over is.gd/gRTUNJ 
    • TBDNewsTalk Maryland leaders could have made the 6th District competitive for Democrats w/o changing the map so much, @repdonnaedwards tells @kojoshow
      • TBDNewsTalk Edwards: "Just because we can (engage in partisan redistricting) doesn't mean we should. .. It's just a really unfortunate thing." 
    • PGCBlogging: Rep. Donna Edwards on being called a trouble maker: pgcblog.com/?p=1520
    • marylandmoment DOJ to review request on Maryland redistricting: The Justice Department will review any request filed by Marylan... wapo.st/n2cLgb
  • Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • Gazette: Currie’s co-defendants were known to be honest; Former co-workers testify to integrity of ex-Shoppers execs is.gd/W6UDfM 
  • Budget and Taxes:
    • Gazette (Editorial): Redistricting done, on to gas tax; Vote goes as expected, with Bartlett targeted is.gd/2WpLVC 
    • Laurel Patch: Gas Tax Increase to Be Considered in Infrastructure Jobs Plan is.gd/1WtpZH 
    • Examiner: MD faces $1b budget shortfall as revenue slows is.gd/9VJFJ7 [O'Malley's 2007 tax hike not enuf for his spending addiction] 
    • WPJohnWagner: Md. slots revenue will be lower than expected, analysts say wapo.st/rtleNC
Government Censorship:
  • MDPolicy: Do people lose their right to free speech when they form a corporation? #OWS movement says so. su.pr/58pBQk And so does Donna Edwards
Big Brother Is Watching Us:
  • PG Sentinel: Speed-camera problems persist throughout county “The issue is theft, they’re stealing from the public,” is.gd/LlTg0s
  • Laurel Patch: Speed Camera Avoidance Tactics: Some Legal, Some Not is.gd/r7wm83
  • PGPDJulie: Automated Speed Enforcement now in effect in the 500-1100 block of Brightseat Rd @ Thomas Pullen Academy.
  • Sun: Debate intensifies over proposed UMB-College Park merger is.gd/9s7GZl 
Business, Transportation and Development
Local (Municipalities)
  • Cheverly:
    • nsmcgill: Roof collapse, construction further delay debut of #Cheverly ALDI; Opening tentatively scheduled for mid-November:  
  • District Heights:
    • PG Sentinel: District Heights in dispute over gas policy is.gd/xtKFAZ 
  • Greenbelt:
  • Hyattsville:
    • Hyattsville Patch: Hyattsville Residents Upset Over Vacant Houses is.gd/plkUn9
Other (including news about news)
  • WBJ: Prince George’s debate, the sequel is.gd/A5nxz7 "Two weeks ago I wrote a column pondering the use of the term “P.G.” ..." 

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