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Monday, July 18, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (18 Jul 2011)

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  • pgcpsparents Should someone have to lose their job over this Filipino Teachers issue with PGCPS. We have a lawyer in HR and she did not know 
    • DOL found Maryland's PGCPS in willful violation of the laws governing the H1B temporary foreign worker program. How did the system miss it 
    • The biggest crime is the lack of comments from the school administration. The BOE has been silenced and this is not good. 
    • will this willful violation of the laws governing the H1B temporary foreign worker program will impact the decision of atlanta schools supt. 
    • DOL cited the school district’s failure to pay the proper wages by virtue of deduction of fees supposed to be shouldered by the employer  
    • millions lost in land deal, fed lawsuit, pending discrimination lawsuit. What is going on, where is our leadership?  
    • The washington post nor the gazette have really pressed this issue, we need to know who should have known? 
    • DOL decision will result in series of termination of Filipino educators and other foreign teachers. Starting this month, more than 1k PGCPS
    • moving forward we need to know how decisions like these are managed and who is the point of contact  
    • There is a call for the Philippine Embassy to intervene on this matter. How did we become a national issue? 
    • I am hearing rumbles of a massive community movement in against school leadership  
    • Are the right people in the administration to have direct oversight of the 18th largest school district? 
    • How will these cuts in teachers and programs impact our academic gains in PGCPS? I wish I knew! 
    • Can you cut funding, cut teachers, cut programs, increase class size and still have student achievement? If so, how, please share the plan 
    • I ask this because this is what we are facing in PGCPS this year and not one BOE to recall spoke to how the cuts will ensure student success  
    • How do we look to the world? How are other school districts seeing PGCPS? Are we leaders of innovation or sloppy in our business methods 
    • What school system in their right mind destroys effective academic and student services programs for unproven ones? 
    • The syste removed a national model parental engagement program and replaced with poor unqualified leadership to oversee the engagement 
    • understand there will be many challengers for the now District 1 seat on the BOE come 2012. I am leading toward a new voice
    • would hate to see the foreign teachers out of a job, but if the have to be removed PGCPS can bring back some of the good teachers they RIFF
PG Hospital 
  • -PG-Polittics Fwd: For Dimensions Healthcare Systems Board Members - 2011 http://is.gd/aWJnN5
  • mirandawashpost Dimensions' contract with Maryland medical system for orthopedic services at Prince George’s Hospital is key sign partnership moving ahead.
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