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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (27 Apr 2011)

Public Safety
Government and Politics
  • LATimes: Los Angeles Unified board hires five key administrators at Deasy's request (including one from PG) http://is.gd/Q9OMih 
  • josephlkitchen (candidate for BOE, district 4) #21questions:
    • #234 asks how I'd vote on current budget, I'd vote No. There is too much meat at top of system that has costs student servicesvia web 
    • 234 asks about furloughs, I do not support any furloughs for those directly in the classroom. Schools have been cut 2 the bone
    • 234 we cannot just look at classrooms to solve these budget problems.
    • 456 asks if added money from state will restore busing, N short No. Restored funds from state was not enough to restore buses
    • more 456, to specialty programs. @CountyExecBaker has promised to "try" to find additional 8 million instead from county.
    • 333 we have played long enough on addressing the high cost of shipping our special ed studs out of the dist. Fixing it must
    • more 333 fixing the special ed outsourcing must b review issue #1 4 future years
    • 569 we can't every year have this kill Peter just to save Paul for next year approach to balancing the budget.
    • 569 I think @PGCPSHite overall is doing a good job but might be time for new budget advisers with new ideas.
    • 340 I do not support N E changes in pension benefits. These retirement benefits are hard earned and shouldn't be taken away.
    • 340 we know that one of the pressing cost drivers in the school system is health care costs. We have 2 get R hands around that
    • 125 the public would grow very uneasy at the sight of 3% increase in state 3% from council and then another 3% from schools 
    • 125 if the board became new taxing authority chances R slim they'd work w/ council & state 2 ensure taxes didn't climb too fast
    • 125 I do not believe @pgcps should have special taxing authority
    • 125 I don't support taxing power because b4 adding new taxes on people we need to look at their overall collective liability.. 
    • 603 My choice would not be 2 charge 4 transportation but if it is the only option I'd offer it. I don't think it is right now.
    • 603 I've heard about secretaries making double digit salaries and agree it must be at the top of the list to be stopped.
    • 603 Q3 When writing the budget every non-teaching position should have to be justified every year along with the need 4 salary.
    • 603 Q4 closing the salary gap between those in the classroom and those in central admin is who we balance the budget.
    • 603Q5 I think that any office with more than one support staff should have to publicly prove why they need it.
    • 603Q6 the problem 2day is the board often responds 2 the supers budget and never really give guidance 4 where he should go.
    • 603Q7 as I said I don't support taxing authority at all for the board.
    • 470 I do and will support an independent inspector general for the school system.
Business, Transportation and Development
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Potential sites for CSX project could be cut to 2 by July,: Peace & Blessings, Thanks to ... http://yhoo.it/eN6Si4 
  • PGPD to Partner with State Highway Administration for “Pedestrian Safety Campaign” (3069) http://is.gd/LfaqNH .
Local (Municipalities)

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