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Friday, March 11, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (10 & 11 Mar 2011)

Note: Until about March 28 updates will be limited, may not be daily, and may have duplicate entries.

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
  • Post: Md. Senate weighs bill to give in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants http://is.gd/6lgJs7 Quotes Sen. Pinsky (D-22)
  • Post: Amendments to MD gay marriage bill fail; final House vote uncertain http://is.gd/iuyi0m Quotes Del. Braveboy, D-25 & Walker, D-26
    • Gazette: Ask first, act later; Alston's (D-24) last-minute decision on gay marriage hints of disconnect w/ constituents (Edit) http://is.gd/yCkvaZ
    • marylandmoment Md. House considering amendment that would send same-sex marriage bill back to Senate: In a sign of how close th... http://bit.ly/igSbDh  
    • kidjk  wondering how effective attacks on Pr.G legislators & the county in general will be when #samesexmarriage is considered again next year
      • winning the battle 4 #samesexmarriage will never happen w/ an Annapolis focused campaign. It must be won in the grassroots.
    • @CNSmd summary of 11 Mar debate
      • Re @CNSmd reports on same-sex marriage today: retweeting only items mentioning delegates from Prince George's County
      • Committee chairman Vallario (D-27A) and Vice-chair Dumais just arrived and all the delegates are coming to their seats.
      • Delegate Ben Barnes, D-Prince George's (21), said "injustice is injustice and we have a duty in this chamber to stamp it
      • Barnes: As our President said a few weeks ago, the 14th amendment is violated when we ban same-sex marriage.
      • Barnes: This bill effects each and every one of us because this is about what kind of country we are and what kind of people we want to be.
      • Delegate Pena-Melnyk, D-Prince George's (21), remembers Sen. Gwendolyn Britt, a civil rights activist, who originally sponsored this bill.
      • Pena-Melnyk: I wouldn't be where I am without people like you who fought for my rights.
      • Pena-Melnyk: If you're on the fence, whether to do this or not, I'm asking you today to please support his bill.
      • Delegate Aisha Braveboy, D-Prince George's (25), said that this decision will be decided in the court, just like all civil rights questions.
      • Braveboy said she believes the voters should decide this issue.
      • Braveboy: The people of the state have said they want to decide this issue.
      • Delegate Justin Ross, D-Prince George's (22), said he's just a Marylander who has lived, worked, and coached with gay friends.
      • Ross: "If this costs me my election, I'm proud to have supported this piece of legislation going down." Huge applause.
      • Delegate Jay Walker, D-Prince George's (26), said the black churches have supported 95-99% of all black legislators.
      • Walker: "I can't vote against my base."
      • Walker: "There are social implications behind this bill."
      • Walker: The people who have backed me have expressed their wishes for me not to support this bill.
      • Delegate Anne Healey, D-Prince George's (22), said she's seen this day coming for a number of years.
      • Healey: When you take out the religious argument, I could not find a reason to vote against this bill.
      • Healey: "As a legislator, I believe that I must vote to make sure that everyone is treated equally before the law." .
      • Delegate Vallario (D-27A) asks that the bill goes back to the Judiciary Committe. No vote today
  • Gazette: Council could lose power over development decisions; Lawmakers call for appointed board to approve zoning ma... http://is.gd/hJGFSh 
    • PGD9Politico If PG Council loses power over development decisions, it's b/c we don't believe our elected leaders have a moral compass guiding them. Sad.
  • marylandmoment Prince George's legislative delegation approves ethics package: The Prince George's House delegation Friday took... http://bit.ly/egfhZX
  • News_PGCounty PG's delegates in Annapolis reject allowing hard liquor sales in the county on Sundays. http://is.gd/kScPEh
  • CNSmd Using cell phones while in a roadway is now a primary offense in Md. HB 222 passed 91-40
  • MDPolicy Six proposed laws in #MD that will make you shake your head if you think you live in "the land of the free" http://su.pr/1iHBl8 #politics 
  • TDRNick Mike Miller warns Monday will be the "night from hell." Thousands expected to be in annapolis for immigrant tuition bill and to protest cuts  
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