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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (8 Feb 2011)

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government & Politics
  • KhadijahOnline Watching the PG County board of edu public mtg archive video. Im appalled with the things I'm hearing from PGCEA president Lewis Robinson...
  • KhadijahOnline He just said that after-school programs, sports and bus transportation should be cut b4 teachers furloughed. WTF? are students a concern? 
  • KhadijahOnline Putting out RFPs for after-care is a good idea though. After-care & after-school sports & programs (like drama, art, etc.) are 2 diff things
  • KhadijahOnline I like u RT“@StillLisa: How do you expel a student that already dropped out??? Ask @pgcps, who pretends to be a school system. What a joke! 
  • PGD9Politico See you at the PGCPS school board budget public hearing tonight. My comments will focus on "classrooms coming first." 
  • GreenbeltPatch School board chair discussed budget cuts on Fox5: http://ow.ly/3SKEz
  • pgcpsparents watching the budget work session and Mr. Armwood has asked the tough questions 
    • transportation issues and the cost to students and families especially those in speical academic programs 
    • BOE is asking for a consistent budget and not a piece mill version
    • public hearing tonight 61 public speakers to speak on the budget, taking a break 
    • I plan to participate in round table radio discussion regarding the budget crisis on Parent Talk at 8:30pm on Wednesday. You should call  
    • Parent Talk Presents a Round Table Discussion with Tonya Wingfield, Jennifer Harris and Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman on 2/9/11 
    • call in at 914-803.4591 and join the discussion, this is not the time to be silent
    • young man talking about saving the music program at his school, honor student and we know music informs math. Can it be saved? 
    • He aspires to be great and music is his pathway, 60 speakers to go 
    • the room is packed and lets do away with this notion that parents and communities in this county do not care about education, it is great 
    • student talking trying to save a 28 year old program (JROTC) at Suitland HS, talking about becoming leaders and supporting upcoming leaders
    • she ask if their purpose for cutting the JR.ROTC better than the purpose of keeping the program?
    • another student discussing JROTC 
    • I love the young people speaking up!
    • This student is telling a story about how a second chance by joining the JROTC she has changed her life..she talked about John Brooks 
    • young lady asked the ROTC staff to stand up, she mentioned they are Veterns and we should honor them not fire them to paraphrase
    • out of the mouths of babes, the children have been putting it down
  • WillWonka17 @pgcpsparents : it sure can be saved...as soon as administrative staff like directors within various depts retire early from their $100k jobs. http://tl.gd/8mrr6o 
  • realpgcounty teacher in MoCo beats a kid & the Post headline is MD teacher. If it had been a PG teacher headline would've said PG---smh
  • Question sent to @kryan1035 Read your & WTOP accounts of Pepco hearings in MoCo & Annapolis, but can't find anything about Pepco in PG Tues am. Not covered?
    • Reply: kryan1035 @dcrussell I was not in PG to cover it, know that our desk was monitoring it. I did make mention of it in pieces filed for Wed
Business, Transportation & Development
Local (Municipalities)
  • Forest Heights:
  • Hyattsville:
    • PG-Politics Re: EYA Hyattsville Seeking Waiver from Public Safety Surcharge - Ap: Will Campos' office says that... http://yhoo.it/fWjPqX 

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