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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (5 & 6 Feb 2011)

Note: Very limited updates, 2-7 Feb 2011

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government & Politics
  • pgcpsparents Prince George's County school budget proposal contains major staff cuts 
  • pgcpsparents More than 50 percent of the proposed cuts will have a direct impact on the classroom.
  • Gazette: PG parents, teachers criticize proposed school cuts; Critics ask for alternatives to cutting in-school programs http://is.gd/eXL8Yx 
  • WillWonka17 @pgcpsparents : they might have learned, but it does not mean they will get it right! 
  • WillWonka17 @pgcpsparents : Are they legit/fair cuts or cuts that directors of certain offices pick and choose who they want to see go based upon personal issues they have with the emp or their skin color? http://tl.gd/8kcg78 
  • pgcpsparents if you are an engaged parent and dedicated educator, please consider joining parents and pgcps at www.parentsandpgcps.com 
  • pgcpsparents When are the PGCPS Board of Education Members going to the Gen. Assembly to promote for PG County Schools
  • pgcpsparents It is time for the BOE to really examine top admin cost. I wonder to what extent do we need to have a deputy supt. 
  • pgcpsparents what does the position mean to student achievement, combine departments, I stand for combining academic and student services 
  • pgcpsparents Parents should march for education right to the Gen. Assesmbly, but why are we being asked to lobby for increase ed funding overall?
  • pgcpsparents I do not understand the request from BOE to have parents call the Gov for more education funding, why not ask us to call for PGCPS only 
  • BowiePatch What do you think about the PGCPS cuts? Share your opinion and join the conversation on #Patch - http://patch.com/A-dMVg #Schools #Cuts 
  • pgcpsparents: According to @PGD9Politico the Dir. of PGCPS HR makes 151k a year. The ? shoud not just focus on salary, but is the county getting its ROI? http://deck.ly/~yUvUR 
  • WillWonka17 @pgcpsparents : what about the data entry techs salary referenced in PGD9Politico blog? 

  • Gazette: Willing to have Bowie secede to help school-closings dilemma (Letter from Julie Misal) http://is.gd/e08IDZ  
  • pgcpsparents PG Community College is one of America's fastest growing community colleges, they have an amazing president in Charlene Dukes .
Business, Transportation & Development
Local (Municipalities)

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