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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (20 Feb 2011)

Public Safety
  • GreenbeltPatch Crime is on the top of the list of concerns among students at Greenbelt Middle School, read their discussion here: http://ow.ly/3ZsT2 
  • citybizlist Baltimore: Former Maryland State Trooper (Forestville Barrack) Convicted of Misconduct in PG Circuit Court http://is.gd/7zSJoD 
  • Capitol Heights PD: Citizen Armed Robbery- Of Pizza Driver-900 block of Newington Ct. http://is.gd/2mSMBD
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government & Politics
  • School budget work session, 19 Feb 2011
    • UMarlboroPatch Prince George’s School Board, Superintendent Talk Budget Revisions; Discussions continue over the superintendent’s fiscal 2012 budget, which may soon be ratified by board members. http://patch.com/A-fnlk
    • PGD9Politico New Blog Post: Heading Toward the Finish Line with the PGCPS Budget. http://wp.me/p15aII-1Q
    • pgcpsparents Running account of meeting (somewhat abridged)
      • Budget work session ongoing as we speak 
      • communication is being re-organized and if you have concern about communication what does this reduction mean for community partnership
      • early it was stated that the communication department was similar in size to NYC so why should service drop
      • Alternative to layoff, reduce some media specialist to media aide, but thought this was not in compliance with COMAR 
        • PG-Politics comment: If media specialists become media aides, how about administrators become administrative aides and Hite a superintendent aide?
      • all HS will keep a Media Specialists 
      • Hite's administration states that it would take 9 million dollars to keep full time Pre-K, my ? if they only get 10mil from state will they use it on Pre-K?
      • We need to have a list of priorities from BOE with regard to additional funding if some is restored
      • BOE member Johnson supports HUB bus services, states school districts have public bus day for transportation, not sure which districts
      • Hite speaks in way too many generalities, seldom has a clear response to a question, seldom has a plan of action that is realistic 
      • Conducting research on school systems that have a HUB bus system and or public school bus days. 
      • there is no hub concept in operation what other counties are doing in hub services 
      • they say there are counties that use a HUB approach, state they have smaller ridership than PGCPS, but which counties, another statement not another statement not grounded in research
      • Is public buses an option for a county of this size 
      • parent talk on Monday, 2/21/2011 as we discuss the budget crisis in PGCPS call in (914) 803.4591
      • HIte is talking right sizing the system, he is really is talking about layoffs and none seem to be coming from Central Office 
      • Here we go the concept of consolidation and the shuttering of schools, Hite states that there is a presentation on the cost of small schools 
      • so they are looking at 22 schools below a population of 350 students and this would be for FY 13 another boundary conversation
      • cloacking this concept under the lanaguage of right sizing, do you have concern, call in on Monday and express your concern (914) 803.4591 
      • Pre-K half day will save 9 million despite the increase in transportation 
      • 2 million to be exact, the savings in staff is 11 million and thus we now have 9 million and students not prepared to learn 
      • customer service is a question for Armwood? he is getting to it 
      • why is Balt city student enrollment growing and PGCPS is not? 
      • getting a lot of emails about the budget, one ask about the role of the deputy supt. why is she here what is her role? Not sure ask Hite 
      • 62% in survey do not have confidence Administration will effectively manage additional funds received from the County or State? 
      • getting results of budget survey from Dr. Davis of Forest Of The Rain Productions
      • 80% of survey respondents concerned with the fiscal decisions this administration will have to make in upcoming budget years? Significant
      • email ask when did Dr. Hite's salary jump from $ 250K to 325K? Not sure did not know, will find out when and how
      • Central office reductions do not seam to have been reduced
      • 58% of survey respondents are not supportive of Targeted Class Size Increases (20 million and 259 FTE)
      • Secretaries make large salaries in some cases, but what about central office staff 
      • it is not just Secretaries at the school level, but within the admin as well and many work hard every where, but Central office is the issue
      • Email, states what is the cost of the Deputy Supt. salary? I have no idea, if you know tell us please 
      • https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CommunityViewsPGCPSBudgetShortfall take this informative survey on the PGCPS budget Crisis I did! 
      • @kidjk you were hard on Armwood
        • kidjk @pgcpsparents Mr. Armwood made a promise and as a direct result of internal politics he caved on those who trusted him most.
        • kidjk @pgcpsparents just as parents shouldn't be misled or lied to, neither should students 
        • pgcpsparents @kidjk I respect your position and hope Armwood understands he is being observed by the youth our County 
      • it is being suggesting that the first budget was designed to stroke emotions and get people upset to storm the Gov's office
  • GreenbeltPatch Crime is on the top of the list of concerns among students at Greenbelt Middle School, read their discussion here: http://ow.ly/3ZsT2 
Business, Transportation & Development
Local (Municipalities)
  • College Park:
    • CollegePrkPatch Have you "liked" College Park Patch on Facebook? No? What are you waiting for? Check out www.facebook.com/CollegeParkPatch 
  • Greenbelt:
  • Riverdale Park:

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