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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (16 Feb 2011)

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Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
  • GazPolitics Check out all of The Gazette's coverage of the legislative session: http://www.gazette.net/annapolis2011/ #mdpolitics 
  • mdreporter Three bills dealing with illegal immigrants who are criminals received mixed reactions. #mdpolitics http://bit.ly/dIQOrZ 
  • mdreporter A bill to create a public financing option for General Assembly campaigns has been proposed once again. #mdpolitics http://bit.ly/gpkEnR
  • MDDailyRecord: New septic limits concern rural lawmakers http://is.gd/OP44KE Sponsored by Sen. Pinsky (D-22).
  • marylandmoment Currie says he will vote against Md. same-sex marriage bill: Sen. Ulysses Currie (D-Prince George's), one of a h... http://bit.ly/dNpBQb  
  • mddailyrecord Financial literacy bill would require money course for Maryland high schoolers: http://bit.ly/eCIGza  
  • MDPolicy Could a public display of inmate labor be a good crime deterrent? The idea is being tossed around http://su.pr/9Ik9Ln #MD #politics
  • Capital_Land Senate subcommittee kills illegal immigration measures: A Senate subcommittee Wednesday shot down most of ... http://tinyurl.com/4t2wl7p 
  • "Dream" act subsidies for illegal alien students:
    • CNSmd at the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee on SB 167 -- in-state tuition for some undocumented students
      • Sen. Victor Ramirez on giving in-state tuition to undocumented high school graduates: "This legislation is about hopes and dreams." 
      • This is not a radical bill, said Ramirez. Other states have passed bills similar to this, he added. 
      • Ramirez tells Senate committee it's not a free ride since parents of these students have been paying taxes.
      • "Lets give these students a chance,"said Ramirez 
      • Dr. Charlene Dukes, president of Prince George's Community College, is speaking in favor of the bill. 
      • PG County Executive Rushern Baker is also here in support of the bill. 
      • Opponents of tuition bill about to get their turn before the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. #mdpolitics 
      • Blake Sutherland, longtime Md. resident, describes this law as shameful. 
      • This bill is wrong because it rewards illegal immigrants and their children, Sutherland said.
      • "Read your Maryland Constitution. We the people doesn't include Mexicans, Salvadorians or Canadians," he said.   
      • Sutherland said illegal immigrants are stealing jobs against the law. 
      • Sutherland also said they are sending millions of dollars back to their countries. 
      • "These children are not our children," Sutherland said. 
      • Raymond Hawkins, an African-American Prince George's County resident, said the bill is going to hurt African-Americans. 
      • Hawkins is from the district represented by Sen. Ramirez. He said the bill was never brought before his community. 
      • Brad Botwin, from Help Save Maryland, said that only citizens are entitled to lower rates. #mdpolitics 
      • He asked what's wrong with that? College is a privilege, he said. 
      • Sandy Pruitt, of Prince George's County's People for Change, spoke against the bill.
      • Where is the dream for the thousands of blacks in PG County, Pruitt asked.
    • marylandmoment Md. House sets hearing on same-sex marriage, anticipating Senate passage: Just about everyone expects a close vo... http://bit.ly/hoGCL3 
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