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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (12 Feb 2011)

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government & Politics
  • TeamRonMiller Blog Entry: : The Year of the Black Conservative http://teamronmiller.com/reflections/?p=346 .
  • County:
    • TBDFactsMachine At PG House Delegation hearing in Largo. County Executive Baker starts by testifying in support of ethics bills. .
      • Many citizen groups concerned Baker's legislation doesn't go far enough or that it will restrict citizen involvement in development. 
    • SuiteMagazine Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III, testified today on behalf of 2 bills deemed to address ethics in county develop
    • SuiteMagazine Baker: “We need to project an image to the world that Prince George’s is a place of integrity where businesses are eager to invest.” 
    • SuiteMagazine Cty Exec. Baker says Prince George's will find solutions to 2012 challenges thru credit rating, resources and ingenuity. 
  • Big Brother:
  • pgcpsparents The budget drama in Prince George's County Maryland is heating up, 122 parents, teachers, students and staff signed up to speak at BOE mtg
    • Suggestion to parents, teachers, students and staff. Get all the facts and continue to make your case for budget management
    • concern 32% cuts in Admin but 51% in class based services, many believe this picture is wrong
    • reported that 83 admin personnel make as much as 11 million dollars and they are only willing to offer 3 furlough days 
    • big rally to Annaoplis, MD on the 21st, a large group of parents and citizens from PG County going to ask and demand full funding 
    • the question is this....Is the BOE house in order, can the BOE say in good faith it has a history of sound fiscal mgmt? Many say NO, NO Way
    • one speaker spoke of proximity to power as how many in PGCPS Admin are keeping their jobs, this is not the first time I have heard this  
    • One such example is that of the Deputy Supt. Many have wondered what does she do? What is her role. The hot ?....is the position needed? 
    • an email from former staff at PGCPS, told by a BOE member that I cannot save your job, I don't know what you do 
    • this after working with BOE on several projects to include a very successful Parental Engagement project the BOE still brag about  
    • If this is the standard, then what does the Depty. Supt. do day in and day out? 
    • Big Big interview with Rushern Baker on Monday with the host of Parent Talk Mike Robinson, I will not miss this interview you should not 
      • PGD9Politico @pgcpsparents Awesome, I will definitely tune in! Tell him I'm coming to present the PGCPS facts at his budget hearing Thursday too! 
    • Just read an email asking if I knew when Dr. Hite's contract is up? I have no idea, I guess three years from the date he signed? 
    • Depty Supt came from a school district in Mississippi of about 31,000 students. This could be over her head, not seeing the ROI on the money 
    • One of the Depty. Supt.'s first interview she said."parent outreach is among her goals" During her tenure Parental Involvement has slipped. 
    • Meet Mike Robinson -- An Advocate for Prince George's County Students - http://patch.com/A-d4cw 
  • pgcpsparents Round table discussion about the Budget crisis in PGCPS....you have to hear it 
Business, Transportation & Development
  • SuiteMagazine Baker: “We need to project an image to the world that Prince George’s is a place of integrity where businesses are eager to invest.” .
Local (Municipalities)

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