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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reports on first meeting of Baker's Accountability, Compliance, and Integrity Advisory Board

County Executve Baker's Accountability, Compliance, and Integrity Advisory Board held its first meeting on Saturday, January 29.

Linda Saffell posted a brief report to the PG-Politics mailing list.

The Prince George's County D9 Politico Blog (PGD9Politico) has a longer report.

PGD9Politico also posted a running account of the meeting on Twitter:
  • @PGD9Politico Just arrived at Ethics Mtg. Debating mtg time that makes it easier for public to participate, only 20 people here. No Baker
  • @PGD9Politico They see a goal to complete their work by May to present as a part of the budget.
  • @PGD9Politico No Wifi so tweeting on my phone, apologize for spelling errors.
  • @PGD9Politico Henry Turner speaking about talking to employees to get input.
  • @PGD9Politico People talking about making group's efforts to make their work transparent.
  • @PGD9Politico Linda Saffell, Andy Carruthers spoke up about issues of perception, online access, accountability.
  • @PGD9Politico Meeting finished up after period of public input was complete. Danny Valentine spoke about open meetings issue - good point
  • @PGD9Politico Not much else to report, what's YOUR input about addressing ethics?
  • @PGD9Politico @dcrussell reviewed Baker's lack of progress so far, what do u think?
PG-Politics sent out two comments on PGD9Politico's postings:
  • @pgpolitics This was prominent part of Baker's 30 and 100 day plans. May is way beyond his promised schedule. How serious was he?
  • @pgpolitics/@dcrussell will comment further once power & Internet access are fully restored by our 3rd-world power & phone companies

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