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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (13 Jan 2011)

Summary of TBD's all day long examination of the 2 sides of Prince George's County at the bottom of the page.

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government & Politics
  • Council Junket:
    • Gazette: Rule of some; County lawmakers' failure to abide by public info law adds to govt transparency doubts (Edit) http://is.gd/gfJkni 
    • Gazette: Turner defends council's Eastern Shore retreat; Residents criticize lawmakers ... http://is.gd/pxd08b 
    • Gazette: PG Council debates transparency at retreat; Members discuss how much information to share with public http://is.gd/MjZCKi 
    • Gazette: Council retreat adds to loss in government trust (Letter from Judy Robinson) http://is.gd/Z5OVBQ
    • PG-Politics Re: Chespeake - Did It Violate Open Meetings Law: You guys do put your mind into these things.  http://yhoo.it/hXmA9J  
    • PG-Politics Open Meetings -- the tip of the iceburg: Hello, BTW, I thought I'd point out that we have observed... http://yhoo.it/gVsqjJ 
    • PG-Politics Why Do I Think the Prince George's Council Is Not Honest?: According to the Gazette, "Why does eve... http://yhoo.it/fU2yY6
    • PG-Politics Re: Why Do I Think the Prince George's Council Is Not Honest?: What arrogance. Did you read the Ga... http://yhoo.it/gQExQN
    • PGCCouncilMedia  The 2011 County Council Annual Retreat was held January 10-12. Stay tuned for a summary report posting on the Council’s website.
  • PGCCouncilMedia  Council Member Andrea Harrison (D) – District 5 will serve 2011 Chair Metro Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors.  
  • PGCCouncilMedia  Council Chair Ingrid Turner (D) – District 4 will serve as First Vice-President of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) for 2011. 
  • Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III Names Communications Director (Angela Wright) http://is.gd/1dwF7n 
  • Post: WSSC proposes 8.9% rate hike (in addition to 8.5% hike this year) http://is.gd/SO7DXM 
  • SuiteMagazine  Baker's BottomLine:The new exec says he won't back away from teacher's pension battle, the county hospital and other issues. www.pgsuite.com  
  • postcrime  No honeymoon period for new Pr. George's leader http://wapo.st/e3MQps 
  • Gazette: A new perspective; Examination of employee compensation provides different view of county challenges (Edit.) http://is.gd/UeO3dN Compares PG giovernment and education salaries to other Maryland jurisdictions
  • EnvisionPrinceG  County surplus used to court federal agency http://is.gd/B7Y8Zv 
  • MDPolicy  It's amazing what a difference it makes to have a budget surplus instead of a deficit http://su.pr/2bBoMM #MD #politics 
  • Gazette: Extravagance is not needed in Donna Edwards' updates (letter from Patricia Waters) http://is.gd/vA33NY   
  • SuiteMagazine  Stepping Up: Prince George's Councilman Will Campos will be in the studio at FOX 5 to address the county and the recent crime spike. 
    • SuiteMagazine  Councilman Will Campos is on FOX 5 now calling for a regional gang task force in Maryland unit working full time to combat recent crime.   
    • SuiteMagazine  Campos says the situation with the crime spike in the county is not the norm. It will be addressed. 
    • SuiteMagazine  Campos says avoid the sinkiing ship mentality: Other areas experience crime spikes. People don't suddenly decide to not go there. 
  • Gazette: Former Prince George's County councilman dies; Mitchellville's Ronald Russell represented Dist 6, 1994-2002 http://is.gd/isCNGe 
  • TeamRonMiller  Haters of Free Speech Need to Grow Up - Southern Maryland Headline News http://bit.ly/eWAcdb #TCOT #AACONS #MDReps #BookerRising 
  • Scandals
    • PG-Politics Baker ethics panel appointee was subject of scandal under Wayne Curr: Baker ethics panel appointee... http://yhoo.it/g1B7RD .
  • Big Brother:
    • Gazette: Laurel quick to add speed cameras to problem streets; Officials reported 6,000 tickets issued in enforce... http://is.gd/md2bj4  
    • Gazette: Two more speed cameras to begin operating in Bowie on Monday http://is.gd/9TsXkt 
    • Gazette: Questioning speed cameras' accuracy (College Park) (Letter from Teresa Joiner) http://is.gd/AOuN3F 
    • Riverdale Park Police - has a new call center number for speed camera inqiries. #301-552-6045 http://is.gd/LynUPG 
Business, Transportation & Development
Local (Municipalities)

Summary of TBD's all day long examining the 2 sides of Prince George's County

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