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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (13 Nov 2010)

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Public Safety
2010 Johnsons arrested
  • RT @PGD9Politico: New Blog Post: "Ashamed" http://wp.me/s15aII-ashamed 
  • Post (Editorial): In Prince George's, Jack B. Johnson's sad case http://is.gd/gZSLQ 
  • USA Today: FBI: Md. pols Jack Johnson and wife tried to hide cash http://is.gd/gZT6s
  • Post: Stark end to polarizing tenure http://is.gd/gZTdz 
  • Post: Reaction to the arrest of Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson http://is.gd/gZTeR
  • Post: Jack B. Johnson arrest: The roundup http://is.gd/gZThM 
  • Laurel Leader: County Executive Jack Johnson on house detention & faces long list of criminal charges, along w/ his wife http://is.gd/gZTqB
  • BowiePatch (John Rouse): Jack Johnson Ending Term with Controversy ... leaving on, to say the least, a very low note http://patch.com/A-chgp 
  • Gazette: District 6 officials and residents surprised by Johnson arrest; opponent calls incident ‘dark day' for PG County http://is.gd/gZUi7 
  • Examiner: After frantic attempt to destroy evidence, Jack Johnson and his wife face 20 years if convicted http://is.gd/gZUxp
  • Times: P.G. County Executive Jack Johnson, wife arrested in FBI sting http://is.gd/gZUQM 
  • PG_Discussion Prince George's county for the next three weeks: I am a reporter with TBD looking to speak with ... http://yhoo.it/cGznnO
  • Gazette: Former opponenet Arthur Turner supports Leslie Johnson "for the time being ... until I learn otherwise" http://is.gd/gZUi7 
  • ChvBlog: Jack Johnson Delusional. http://is.gd/gZVVq 
  • PG Monitor: Keeping up with the Johnsons http://is.gd/gZWnf Jack & Leslie Johnson Arrested! http://is.gd/gZWp6 http://is.gd/gZWrp 
  • MD Politics Watch: MPW Poll: Jack Johnson's Arrest http://is.gd/h001b 
  • PG-Politics Fw: This just in: Crooked is crooked, Johnsons are done. http://yhoo.it/9XUFoZ  
  • PG-Politics Fw: Johnson Jack and Leslie Criminal Complaint Affidavit.pdf: Thanks to Mr. Arthur Turner ... http://yhoo.it/a6NUJX 
  • PG-Politics Fw: Councilmembers and the County Charter:  http://yhoo.it/aOxiUT .
  • RT @pgchic: I'll be @ event in MoCo later ... I already know they'll try to make me the P.G. spokesperson for this mess #DMV 
  • RT @RedMaryland: Oh That Jack Johnson: Given the wiretap "Yes flush that," and the $80K bra I'd have to say... http://bit.ly/aBgOVs 
  • RT @tnt_tech: Wow poor PG County #JackJohnson. Must be hard to live in a house where the toilets are clogged with 100k cheques. 
  • solomonscandals.com: Right out of the novel ‘The Solomon Scandals’: Arrests of Prince George’s County exec and his wife http://is.gd/h07R9 
  • RT @MarkNewgent: If Developer A is who I think he is many more Maryland Democrats will be returning a lot campaign contributions. 
  • RT @emilybabay: any PG workers, groups etc want to share reactions to Jack Johnson's arrest? 
  • WTOP: "Jack Johnson's arrest is about eight years too late," said Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo tells WTOP. http://is.gd/h0oPp 
  • RT @WTOP: Mixed reaction to Johnson's arrest http://bit.ly/aswoPa
  • RT @GGLaurelLeader: PG Co Exec #JackJohnson says, "I'm innocent of these charges." He & his wife were arrested Fri & face fed crim charges. 
  • RT @DCExaminerLocal Spokesman: Baker will reform Prince George's Co.: County Executive-elect Rushern Baker isn't com... http://bit.ly/9z4Iw6 
  • RT @DCAbloob: RT @brucejohnson9: I'm told the Jack Johnson arrest had to be approved at US Justice department level - #jackjohnson #pgcounty
  • Sun: Corruption accusations in gorgeous Prince George's http://is.gd/h0LbC 
  • RT @postcrime: Jack Johnson's arrest shows development a blessing and a curse http://wapo.st/dczgNu 
Government & Politics
  • RT @DCAbloob:Steny Hoyer to become US House minority whip, James Clyburn will receive new 3rd ranked House Dem post. AP http://j.mp/bdbWTp
  • RT @DCAbloob Hoyer had reportedly received enough support to clinch minority whip, Clyburn offered new post to avert racially divisive vote.
  • Sun: Legislators planning big changes to slots law; Sen presi Miller calls slots as part of constitution "crippling" http://is.gd/gZZSN
  • Big Brother:
  • WSJ: The Radical School Reform You've Never Heard Of; With 'parent trigger,' families can forcibly change failing schools http://is.gd/h06Wb 
  • PG_Discussion Re: O'Malley eyes compromise on state teacher evaluations: When I was first elected on the BOE, ... http://yhoo.it/9ef0Ws

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