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Friday, October 01, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (1 Oct 2010)

Public Safety
  • Press Release: Milirary Voter Protection Project Files Lawsuit to Defend Military Voting Rights in Maryland http://is.gd/fEdyl rt @mdreporter Responses to Republican calls for investigation into hastily posted-&-pulled job report still pending or cold http://bit.ly/aZmKGQ 
    • Gazette: Pulled economic report continues to draw GOP flak[ Fallout from flap is more voter distrust, analysts say http://is.gd/fEnRR
  • Gazette: Researchers: Candidates must address pensions; Outsiders identify several fixes that could save millions http://is.gd/fEhSy 
  • Gazette: Appeals court referendum ruling could have far-ranging impact; lets voters decide on ambulance fees in Mont Co http://is.gd/fEo4I 
  • Gazette: Home health care threatened; Medicare wants to cut another $20 billion from Medicare home health services ... http://is.gd/fEozP 
  • Gazette (B.:Lee): Washington Post poll http://is.gd/fEp1f The first red flag in The Post's poll was ... The next alarm bell was ...O'Malley's lead is not 11 points. That may be the way some folks want it to be, but it's not the way it is.
  • rt @marylandmoment Empty chairs at MD Tea Party? Washington biz group endorses O'Malley, small biz goes to Ehrlich http://bit.ly/c7snW8
  • Post: Law to protect bicyclists gets underway in Md. http://is.gd/fEeBL 
  • Examiner: MD to begin ban on handheld cell phones while driving; Effectiveness of distracted driving laws questioned http://is.gd/fEfb8 
  • Gazette: Cell phone ban's effectiveness remains to be seen; Other states report little enforcement information http://ow.ly/1qYNgd
  • Gazette: Zap! Bang! Boom! Comics stores, artists battle to keep readers, build fan base in a digital age http://is.gd/fEhSy 
  • rt @hcpeterson P.G. bus company rejects negotiations; bus drivers remain on strike 
  • Gazette: Other new laws that take effect today http://is.gd/fEoa8 
  • @TBD Neighborhoods Rain caused sewer overflow into Broad Creek; 201,831 gallons of untreated, diluted waste water http://is.gd/fFbrg 

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