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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Republicans endorse the status quo, reject change in Upper Marlboro & Annapolis

Like both the Post and the Gazette, the Republican Party seems to be generally content with the political status quo. 

In Prince George's County, one-time home of both Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele and Maryland Republican Party Chair Audrey Scott, the Republican Party has ceded the vast majority of elected offices to the Democrats.

There are 48 partisan elected offices on the ballot in Prince George's County this fall.  The Republican Party has, in effect, endorsed Democrats for 37 of those positions.  Republicans are running for only 11 of the 48 seats.

For the General Assembly  there are 23 delegate positions and only eight Republican candidates; the Senate has eight positions and only one Republican candidate.

Only one Republican is running for one of the nine county council seats.

Only one Republican is running for the three seats as Judge of the Orphans' Court.

Finally, there are NO Republicans running for any of the following county-wide offices:
    * County Executive
    * Sheriff
    * States' Attorney
    * Clerk of the Circuit Court
    * Register of Wills

A lost opportunity:

The criminal investigation of Sen. Ulysses Currie (D-25) has been in the news for over two years. By failing to field even a token candidate, the MD/PG GOP lost an opportunity to campaign against corruption, and now has lost an opportunity (even if a long-shot) to try and capture a senate seat.

The GOP's failure to field any candidates for any of the offices in Currie's district certainly reduces the chances that anyone will try to vote a straight-GOP ticket or even bother to turn out to vote for the state-wide GOP candidates.  It certainly does not help their dream of returning Bob Ehrlich to office.

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