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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (14 Sep 2010, Part 2 of 2)

2010 Election
  • MD Senate District 47; 47% of precincts reporting; Victor Ramirez, 60%; Gavid Harrington (i), 40% 
  • MD Senate District 25; 60% of precincts reporting; Joanne Benson, 53%; Nathaniel Exum (i), 47% 
  • pgpolitics PG Board of Education District 9: 38% of precincts reporting; Donna Hathaway Beck (i), 56%; George E. Mitchell, 17% 
  • pgpolitics PG Board of Education District 7: 66% of precincts reporting; Henry Armwood, 39%; Lykisha Perkins, 33% 
  • pgpolitics PG Board of Education District 6: 45% of precincts reporting; Patricia Fletcher (i), 40%; Carolyn Boston, 28% 
  • pgpolitics PG Board of Education District 5: 56% of precincts reporting; Jeana Jacobs (i), 49%; S. Theodore-Lewis, 29% 
  • PG Board of Education District 4: 50% of precincts reporting; Patricia Eubanks, 37%; Sandy Vaugns, 34%; Aimee Olivo, 29%
  • PG Board of Education District 3: 40% of precincts reporting; Amber Waller (i), 55%; Charles Coleman, 21% 
  • PG Board of Education District 1: 34% of precincts reporting; David Murray, 25%; Rosalind Johnson (i), 24%; Chonya Johnson, 17% 
  • PG Register of Wills: 37% of precincts reporting, Cereta Lee (i) leads with 57% of votes 
  • PG Clerk of Circuit Court: 37% of precincts reporting, Marilynn Bland leads with 33% of votes
  • PG Council District 9: 40% of precincts reporting, Mel Franklin leads with 34% of votes
  • PG Council District 7: 48% of precincts reporting, Karen Toles leads with 38% of votes 
  • PG Council District 6: 41% of precincts reporting, Leslie Johnson leads with 41% of votes 
  • PG Council District 5: 50% of precincts reporting, Andrea Harrison (i) leads with 72% of votes 
  • PG Council District 3: 38% of precincts reporting, Eric Olson leads with 92% of votes 
  • PG Council District 2: 35% of precincts reporting, Will Campos (i) leads with 78% of votes 
  • PG Council District 1: 39% of precincts reporting, Mary Lehman leads with 45% of votes 
  • rt @PG_Central Switching to Congress, Steny Hoyer (D) and Charles Lollar (R) are leading their primaries. 
  • rt @PG_Central Tiffany Alston has 1,281 votes; Greg Hall has 1,237 in the race to replace Del Benson in dist 24 48.6% of vote counted.
  • rt @PG_Central Leslie Johnson maintains her lead in the County Council 6 race.
  • rt @PG_Central High and Hylton in a very close race for sheriff. Only .5 percent of vote separates them, with High in the lead. 
  • rt @ElaheIzadi Prince George's State's Attorney: Alsobrooks, 42%, Dernoga, 22%, with 32.5% of precincts reporting 
  • rt @PG_Central Gazette photographers have been at the polls all day. View what they saw. http://tinyurl.com/25m3plx 
  • rt @lakeside17 9% voter turnout thus far in PG County? Are you friggin kidding me?! That's a downright disgrace in the DC area
  • rt @nsmcgill Prince George's voters claim names missing from ballots at DuVal - http://is.gd/faUDR 
  • rt @PG_Central Postal worker from D.C. struck by police car Tuesday morning and dies from injuries. http://tinyurl.com/2dv5uo5 
  • rt @ElaheIzadi: Want to hear about a weird, love-endorsement-triangle in the Prince George's Exec race? http://tbd.ly/cw4RjW 
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