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Monday, May 17, 2010

Text of proposed cell phone policy for Prince George's County Public Schools

05/13/2010 9.1 Draft Board Policy 5132 - Cell Phones
Cell Phone Policy.pdf

Board of Education
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Policy ##5132



The Prince George’s County Board of Education’s Policy on cellular (“cell”) telephones and other electronic devices is designed to ensure that the use of cell phones does not interfere with teaching and learning during the school day. The Board of Education believes that there is a need for a district-wide policy with uniform guidelines regarding the use of cell phones and other electronic devices and consequences that apply to all Prince George’s County public school students. This Policy applies to all students enrolled in Prince George’s County public schools, including public charter schools.


A. For purposes of this Policy, the term “cell phone” includes I-phones and other electronic devices that are capable of placing and/or receiving telephone calls, text messages, sexting, videos, taking photographs and the like. The term “school property” includes parking lots, buses, and outside or inside all areas of the school building. Students are permitted to use cell phones only during the following times:
  1. Before school hours on school property;
  2. After school hours on school property;
  3. At after-school or athletic activities, only with the permission of the coach, instructor, program director or administrator. The school personnel listed in this paragraph shall have the discretion to determine the use of cell phones for students participating in extracurricular activities while on school property or while attending school sponsored or school related activities on or off school property;
  4. At evening or weekend activities inside on school property, or;
  5. An emergency situation with the permission of the teacher, instructor, coach, program director or administrator.
B. The use of cell phones for any purposes, including telephone calls, text messaging, taking photographs and other functions is not permitted at any other time on school property. Images taken or stored on cell phones during school hours and or school property may not be shared or posted electronically.

C. Cell phones may not be carried on the student’s person or be visible during regular school hours. Cell phones may be stored in the student’s locker or backpack/purse but must be completely turned off, not simply on “silent” or “vibrate” mode during the school day.

D. Each school shall designate a staff member to monitor student violations of this policy.

E. Penalties for students found to be in violation of this policy shall be as follows:
  1. First offense: The student’s cell phone will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the school day. The school is responsible if the cell phone is lost or damaged while confiscated.
  2. Second offense: The student’s cell phone will be confiscated and returned only to the student’s parent or guardian. The school is responsible if the cell phone is lost or damages while confiscated.
  3. Third offense: The student will be prohibited from bringing a cell phone to school for the remainder of the school year.
  4. Students committing repeated violations of this Policy shall be subject to additional disciplinary action consistent with the Student Code of Conduct.
Administrative Procedures

The Superintendent is directed to promulgate procedures to implement the requirements of this Policy and to publish the procedures in the normal course of business.

Date adopted: New - 2010
Related Administrative Procedure: Code of Student Conduct

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