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Saturday, May 15, 2010

New scandal for Juanita Miller

District 9 county council candidate Juanita Miller has been accused of plagiarism by her opponent, Tamara Davis Brown.  Miller blames her volunteers.

New Scandal for the Wild Child.
Maryland Politics Watch, 15 May 2010 (Pagnucco).
Former WSSC Commissioner Juanita “Wild Child” Miller has a tempestuous past, ripping up the agency over bogus accusations of racism and firing off ranting mass emails to every employee at once. Now the Wild Child is running for Prince George’s County Council and is embroiled in the biggest scandal of her volcanic political career: plagiarism. That’s right, folks – Miller has literally stolen the campaign platform of an opponent. [Tamara Davis Brown]
Note the lack of an authority line [in Miller's flyer] – a classic violation of Maryland election law.
As far as we know, there is no election law against plagiarism. But if the Wild Child is stealing campaign material as a candidate, what will she steal if she gets elected?
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Pr. Geo's council candidate blames volunteers for lifting platform from rival.
Post, 14 May 2010 (Mummolo).
A candidate for Prince George's County Council is blaming overzealous volunteer staffers for lifting the campaign platform of a rival candidate on fliers distributed at a recent meeting.

Juanita D. Miller, a candidate for Council District 9, passed out fliers (see below) during a May 10 homeowner's association meeting ...Rival candidate, Tamara Davis Brown, was in attendance to see the near word-for-word similarity with the platform her campaign says was published on her Web site in December.
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  1. Why would Dr. Juanita Miller need to "lift" information from another candidate? She is a prolific writer! Having completed a dissertation, multiple speeches, and numerous documents not to mention having run in a campaign before now, this is non-sense. Lets stick to the issues at hand and not get distracted by words a 5 by 7 card! It is important for us to stay focused on the outcome. Slander of this form does not impress me. Lets get to the real issues that plague Prince George's County.