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Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (11 & 12 Mar 2010)

Public Safety
  • Police officer dies 
    • PGPolice: Police Department Mourns Loss of Officer After Traffic Crash (2686) http://bit.ly/9JLQQ0 (with photo)
    • PGPolice: Viewing / Funeral Services for Police Officer First Class Thomas P. Jensen (2689) http://bit.ly/auwF4D 
    • Post: Prince George's police officer, 27, dies after car crash http://bit.ly/axSa94
      Examiner: Prince George's officer dies from car crash injuries http://bit.ly/bhc9XX 
    • Gazette: Prince George's policeman, 27, dies from car accident injuries; Black ice caused five-year officer to lose ... http://bit.ly/cqi3Tp 
  • Gory Prince Georges:
  • Diamondback: Staff editorial: Policing police http://bit.ly/b1VgA1 
  • Diamondback: Riot is latest controversy for county police; Dept has hist of using excessive force http://bit.ly/broLi8 (vs UMD hist of riots) 
  • Gazette: Kidnapped Clinton couple testifies against accused assailant http://bit.ly/dAnEqg (2008 bank robbery case) 
  • news8.net: Two Men Wanted for Game Stop Robbery (Laurel, with pix) http://bit.ly/ccQ03W
  • PGPolice: Police Seek Indentity of Robbery Suspects at the Game Stop (2687) http://bit.ly/arGkfn
  • PGPolice: "PGPD To Host Its First "Extreme Senior Makeover" Event (2688) http://bit.ly/bQ9QTN 
  • Gazette: Bowie police officer shoots dog after being attacked; treated for bite on right leg; 100-pound dog stable http://bit.ly/bw0GNZ 
  • Post: Prince George's to pay man who accused police of assault http://bit.ly/aXkPLB 
2010 Election
2010 General Assembly
  • Sun: Higher fees sought to pay for aiding poor; Marriage license, other civil actions .. to pay for shelters, legal aid http://bit.ly/aBVd4S 
  • rt @MDReporter Counties are worried about the cost of a bill that would make it easier for librarians to unionize. http://bit.ly/aLNBuW
  • rt @badast_turtles Registering guns in Maryland: MD politicians should be focusing on the state's budget crisis. In... http://bit.ly/b4Egko
  • Domestic violence & child abuse:
    • rt @badast_turtles Domestic Violence and Protective Orders in Maryland ND lawmakers recently killed a bill tha... http://bit.ly/dwJo7K 
    • rt @MarkNewgent About time Joe Vallario (D-27) was called out for his rude behavior towards judiciary committee witness http://bit.ly/9gzfye 
    • Post: Concerns mount about committee's conduct http://bit.ly/9SHQ9n 
    • Examiner.com: Joe Vallario (D-27A) set to kill child predator laws with no committee vote http://bit.ly/9OPN7r
    • Examiner.com: O'Malley meets with Vallario (D-27A) on child sex offender bills http://bit.ly/c1GIGq 
    • rt @MarkNewgent Vallario(D-27A) fails to act on 20 year mandatory minimum for 2nd degree child rape/molestation. http://bit.ly/ayWnCX 
    • rt @MarkNewgent Despite Vallario (D-27A) killing HB254 judiciary committee approves eliminating good behavior credits for child sex offender 
    • rt @wusa9 MD House Panel OKs Measures To Deter Sex Offenders http://bit.ly/dhQuI3 about
    • rt @MarkNewgent O'Malley lifetime monitoring of sex offenders amended by Jud comm to 5 years b4 petition. Distinction w/out real difference
  • Gazette: Poker games may be used to aid area fire departments; County delegates to vote on measure Friday http://bit.ly/bzzrdV 
  • Gazette: Anti-gang legislation sought to lengthen sentences http://bit.ly/9VMx0r (Discusses PG homicide case) 
  • rt @ MDReporter A casino in Prince George's County?, budget cuts coming, and House committee chairman is "rude". http://bit.ly/cutjHl 
  • rt @postmetro A look at Maryland's powerful liquor lobby: http://bit.ly/8XTvh3 
  • Post: Booze taxes unlikely to increase despite heightened push http://bit.ly/9SHQ9n 
Other Politics

  • rt @kidjk Grade the Prince George's Board of Education - http://tinyurl.com/yhzh4o2
  • Gazette: Union contracts spur county to reimburse $1M to school employees http://bit.ly/aVdw5N 
  • Gazette: County PTA reinstated, rebuilding; Umbrella organization for individual PTAs works to unify groups on issues http://bit.ly/ch2o5V 
  • Gazette: College Park looks to improve council broadcasts; City may budget for cameras, online video of meetings http://bit.ly/cM4abC
  • Gazette: School budget process isn't done yet (Letter from school board chair and vice-chair) http://bit.ly/c8cZYp 
  • Gazette: PTA potential; Revival of county umbrella group comes in time to help mitigate pain of budget cuts(Editorial) http://bit.ly/crwgux 
  • Gazette: Residents win latest round in zoning battle; Group says court decision shows need for more public input ... http://bit.ly/96qlci 
  • Examiner.com: MD State court dismisses ACORN lawsuit against O'Keefe, Giles, and Breitbart http://bit.ly/9EdWBb 
Recent candidate filing:

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