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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Donna Edwards' automated calls and bogus phone number

Why is Donna Edwards making annoying automated calls and displaying a bogus phone number--200-000-0650?

I realize that Congress has exempted politicians from the Do Not Call laws.

I put my number on the Do Not Call list because I DO NOT WANT automated calls.  People, like Ms. Edwards, who choose to ignore my preference, only antagonize me.  And I get angry at callers, like Ms. Edwards, who lie about who is calling.

I have written over a half-dozen times to Ms. Edwards with specific questions about issues and have never received a substantive reply.

Perhaps she ought to spend some time and money answering her constituents' questions instead of pestering them with unwanted phone calls from bogus numbers.

At this point, Donna Edwards has done an excellent job of convincing me that she should be limited to one term, and  I certainly hope some strong opponents step forward.

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