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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Recent News about Prince George's County (9 Jul 2009)

Public Safety
  • dcrussell: Robberies up while county cuts public safety, spends more on offices instead http://bit.ly/8eaR2
  • GAZETTE: Commercial robberies on the rise in District 4 (Garner) http://bit.ly/9fydz 
  • GAZETTE: More needs to be done to address domestic violence (Column, Bune) http://bit.ly/3Iz83b 
  • GAZETTE: Lack of hydrants challenges firefighters; New station, water tank planned for south county (Holzheimer) http://bit.ly/rA6kt 
  • GAZETTE: Beating suspect backs out of plea agreement .. attempted murder outside College Park church [Xmas eve] (Hill) http://bit.ly/M7Bvo 
  • POST: Chillum Man [Jerome D. Proctor, 25] Charged In Fatal Shooting [of Sean E. Smith, 25, 18 Jun 2009] (Zapotosky) http://bit.ly/ckXjZ 
  • POST: Md. Man [Lloyd C. Everett, 19] Pleads Guilty to Murder [Jin Chin, 22, 19 Jun 2008] (Castaneda) http://bit.ly/bViI2 
  • dcrussell: 2010 Candidates: Board of Education 4: Steven E. Morris http://bit.ly/16gXTm
  • GAZETTE: School facility usage fees could net additional $1.2M; board raisess fees paid by comm. groups, churches (King) http://bit.ly/sHhgO 
  • GAZETTE: The parent connection; Policy change highlights need for discussion about PTA fundraising (Editorial) http://bit.ly/FmtPz 
  • GAZETTE: Schools can no longer use extra funds to hire teachers Board cites equity concerns in .. PTA fundraising (King) http://bit.ly/fLAWM 
  • RT @TeamRonMiller Reading: Hoyer Mocks Citizen (CORRECTED LINK) http://is.gd/1sxxu 
  • Hot Air: Hoyer: No one would vote for ObamaCare if they read the bill (Morrissey) http://bit.ly/12bmyg 
  • POST: Transit-Oriented Development Draws Tenants to Hyattsville (Gaudio) http://bit.ly/1bKM9t 
  • POST: O'Malley Says Md. Should Recognize Rights of Gay Couples Married Elsewhere http://bit.ly/7xA9Y 
  • GAZETTE: County request to lease space resurrected [despite furloughs]; Proposal .. previously failed to receive support http://bit.ly/h95Za 
  • GAZETTE: Lease lessons; Housing department move makes sense but can wait (Editorial) http://bit.ly/8a6jx 
  • GAZETTE: Speed cameras only good if they improve safety for children (Letter, Adams) http://bit.ly/13d7E2 
  • GAZETTE: School should not be named after president (Letter, Priestly) http://bit.ly/H7q7R =
  • GAZETTE: Helping preserve important but mostly forgotten piece of U.S. history .. remainder of Bladensburg battlefield http://bit.ly/gT9LT 
  • GAZETTE Council cleared in open meeting complaints; Police union .. disputed .. decision to hold two private meetings http://bit.ly/phqew 
  • Daily Record: Vogel reaches agreement to buy Rosecroft (Farmer) http://bit.ly/Y6HMX 
  • SUN: Stockholders OK sale of Rosecroft to former owner Vogel (Cho) http://bit.ly/14nK1V
  • GAZETTE: Helping preserve important but mostly forgotten piece of U.S. history .. remainder of Bladensburg battlefield http://bit.ly/gT9LT 

(Posted 9 Jul 2009)

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