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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recent News about Prince George's County ( 18 Jun 2009

Public Safety
  • POST: PG Still a Few Million Short Of Paying for Schools (Hernandez & Wiggins) http://tinyurl.com/nn3f9y
  • POST: 5 PG Schools Make National 'Top' List; 3 Secure First Appearance on Newsweek Ranking for Challenging Courses http://tinyurl.com/mgpv75 
  • GAZETTE: Strength in numbers; Family's plight for special education teacher highlights substitute shortage (Editorial) http://bit.ly/1yblX
  • GAZETTE: Schools may raid surplus fund to balance budget; Vote planned on using $17.4 million to make up for a .. (King) http://bit.ly/2p1qv 
  • GAZETTE: School funding reduction request denied, appealed; State ‘did not properly apply the criteria' for wa ,, (King) http://bit.ly/jHMuu 
  • GAZETTE: County workers protest furloughs, layoffs; Contract negotiations reach impasse (McKeever & Valentine) http://tinyurl.com/l9u68w 
  • .GAZETTE: [Big Brother's] Speed camera coming to Mount Rainier [Comment: Good reason not to shop there] (Izadi) http://tinyurl.com/nut4h3 
  • GAZETTE: Banking on honesty; Allegations against Wells Fargo raise questions about foreclosure crisis (Editorial) http://tinyurl.com/ndx69n 
  • GAZETTE: County keeps close eye on lawsuit against bank; Baltimore city claims Wells Fargo practiced dis .. (Valentine) http://bit.ly/48ErnZ 
  • GAZETTE: Health-care reform in Prince George's: Prevention is better than cure (Curtis Valentine) http://tinyurl.com/l6nsvt 
  • POST: Prince George's Wins Award for Fiscal Report http://tinyurl.com/ny873x 
  • GAZETTE: Barbed wire may be banned (Valentine) http://tinyurl.com/moasmw 
  • GAZETTE: Council OKs building permit extension; Move allows [Development] approvals to remain until 2011(Valentine) http://bit.ly/16FRUP 

(Posted 18 Jun 2009)

1 comment:

  1. A speed camera to slow down people averaging 19 miles OVER the speed limit is a reason not to shop in Mt. Rainier? Seriously? I don't love speed cameras either because, in MoCo at least, they are often placed in "gotcha" places, but your complaint here is just silly. What is the relationship between Mt.R's small businesses and the city council decision regarding a speed camera? Come on.