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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maryland's Donna Edwards: emerging leader, liberal maverick

Maryland's Donna Edwards: emerging leader, liberal maverick;
State's first black congresswoman opposes Obama war-funding plan.
Sun, 4 Jun 2009 (West).
When Congress gives President Barack Obama more funds later this month for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, only one Maryland lawmaker is expected to dissent: Democratic Rep. Donna F. Edwards.

Edwards believes the president is taking the U.S. in the wrong direction in Afghanistan. She argues that Obama has no plan for winning and no strategy for getting out.

Congress "failed" its responsibility to challenge President George W. Bush's policies in Iraq, Edwards said in an interview. "And we can't make that mistake with President Obama."
* * *
Another foreign-policy move that generated criticism was her refusal to support a measure that recognized Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas . . .
* * *
In another foray into foreign policy politics, she was one of five members of Congress arrested and taken into custody in late April outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington in a protest against that government's human rights record in Darfur.

Her involvement raised questions about what kind of representative Edwards intended to be: a gadfly or a workhorse, a bomb-thrower or a serious inside player?
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(Posted 2009)

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