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Friday, June 12, 2009

2010 Candidates: Rumors about various senate races

Primary races could produce intriguing matchups; Potential for battle looms large in Prince George's, elsewhere.
Gazette, 12 Jun 2009 (Brody).
* * *
Several Annapolis insiders said Prince George's County appears to be ground zero for primary election intrigue:
For all the early speculation, Pinsky, who plans to run for re-election, predicted that at least half of the rumored challenges will not materialize.

"Talk is cheap. Sometimes talk is throw it up against the wall and see what sticks," he said. "When they start making phone calls and saying, ‘Can I count on your support for X office?' then it becomes much more real."

Incumbents usually skate to re-election, but Progressive Maryland will target some Democratic office holders, though the group's executive director, Sean Dobson, declined to say which ones.

"We're going to challenge the bad apple Democrats who are carrying water for corporate special interests at the expense of working families," he said on Thursday. "These bad apples know who they are and if they think they're safe, they need to ponder two words: Al Wynn."
* * *
Comment: [Senate 27] Reporter Brody completely ignored the fact that Ron Miller has already announced that he is a repeat candidate for senate in District 27.

(Posted 12 Jun 2009)

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