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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you complain about crime, but publicly support criminals, what do you suppose our kids think?

Prince George's County has a crime problem--just read the archives of these discussion groups.
But while many individual who post here complain about crime, many, including some of the same people, post messages praising criminal behavior by our elected officials.
Donna Edwards, Nat Exum, Ulysses Currie,  David Harrington, Marilynn Bland, Camille Exum, house majority leader Barve--all accused of or investigated for criminal behavior, and all supported by people here.
What are our children supposed to believe about what's right and what's wrong  when the adults keep praising people who break the law.  
Do we really want to keep reinforcing the message that it is acceptable, even good, to pick and choose which laws to obey and which to disobey?  That it is good to disobey the law if you disagree with it or think breaking the law supports some noble purpose?
How do we expect our children, especially the ones tempted by gang promises to right perceived wrongs, to obey the law when we allow our leaders--the ones who should be setting an example--to ignore the very laws they pass?

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