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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Post Chat: Negative remarks about Prince George's County

Chat with columnist John Kelly:
Beltsville, Md.: Price George's County does try to be a nice place to live in, but I feel it needs to try harder. One of my friends calls PG county Piled Garbage, and it's hard to drive anywhere that you don't see trash in the parking lots, streets, everywhere, so I think it's important that a much higher effort be made to keep it clean and pleasant.
John Kelly: Surely it can't be all that bad? What I do wonder is why nothing seems to change at the top of Prince George's County. There always seems to be a steady supply of stories about questionable political deals, mis-spent public money, etc., but no one ever seems to get punished. Do citizens just not care, or are these stories exaggerated?

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