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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PG Porkers: Sen. Peters (D-23)

Maryland has a fiscal crisis with a huge deficit looming despite the huge 2007 tax increase. But Tax and Spend Senator Douglas J. J. Peters (D-23), who voted for the tax increase, wants to spend even more of the money we don't have on non-essential, non-state government frills instead of maintaining essential state services like education and public safety. How many more state employees will be laid off or furloughed to help buy votes for Sen. Peters?
  • SB 454, South Bowie Boys and Girls Club Concession Stand ($50,000)
  • SB 519, Olde Mill Community and Teaching Center ($50,000)
  • SB 832, Lincoln Vista Neighborhood Park Recreation Building ($50,000)
  • SB 833, Shabach Adult Day Care and Senior Center ($50,000)
  • SB 834, Whitemarsh Turf Field ($50,000)
  • SB 887, Kappa Alpha Psi Playground Equipment ($10,000)
  • SB 889 , Bowie Police Dispatch Center ($50,000)
  • Total: $310,000

(Updated 10 Feb 2009)

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