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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prince george's council priorities???

The recently approved amendment to the Maryland Constitution does NOT allow slot machines in Prince County.

News reports suggest that the county is facing severe financial difficulties.

Despite some good news on crime, and a relatively insignificant decrease in homicides, Prince George's County remains one of the most murderous jurisdictions in the country. County Executive Johnson is threatening to break his campaign promises and cut back on police hiring (Gazette, 15 Jan 2009).

Despite some minor improvements on the watch of the recently departed schools chief, Prince George's County schools remain one of the two worst performing systems in the state.

So, what is council member Eric Olson's response to these problems--crime and education problems that most rational people would consider high priorities?

Mr. Olson, introducing the very first bill of the new council session, wants the council to spend its time on a totally unnecessary bill to ban slot machines in Prince George's County, even though they are already banned in the county by state law, which takes priority over county laws (Post, 15 Jan 2009).

Is Mr. Olson just trying to distract his colleagues and constituents from the real problems facing the council?  He says "In the future, you never know what might come along."  How true!  You just never know what goofy or unnecessary ideas out politicians manage to dream up.

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