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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cardin, McCain, Mikulski, Obama all wrong on on Bailout for the rich (was Sen Bernie Sanders right)

(Posted 2 Oct 2008)

Senators McCain and Obama actually showed up for work for a change in order to vote for this abomination.  Neither one has bothered to earn his salary by doing the real work of the Senate.  They both only seem interested in how much they can extort from the common people in order to reward the rich and special interest groups who have bought and paid for them.

And both Maryland Democratic senate thieves, Cardin and Mikulski,  also voted to steal thousands of dollars from each and everyone of us; to punish the honest, hard-working, financially responsible members of society; and to reward the crooks and incompetents (including federal "regulators" and members of Congress themselves) who caused this mess.

In my opinion, all four belong in jail, not in the Senate or in the White House.

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Senator Bernie Sanders  Wall Street Bailout -- 10/01/2008

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