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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Budget cuts, furloughs, and gross bureaucratic incompentence

(Posted 21 Sep 2008)

How much of our Prince George's County deficits and how many furlough days are due to gross bureaucratic incompetence?
Over the past few months, Prince George's County has been busy repaving the streets in the Hillcrest Heights area.
Now that the project seems to have been completed, the WSSC is following along and digging up the same streets to replace the water mains.
If money is tight, why did Jack Johnson's minions repave streets that were generally in very good condition?  And why did they do it just before the water main replacement?  Do Jack's hordes of bureaucrats lack the ability or common sense to communicate with their counterparts at the WSSC.
How much more will we have to pay in both taxes and higher water and sewer bills because of this incompetence?

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