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Monday, January 21, 2008


(Posted 21 Jan 2008)
Once again I find myself away from home for an extended time with very limited Internet access. As a result, I need to virtually stop blogging and messaging, but will attempt to keep up with homicides in the county.

I had hoped to follow the work of the general assembly this session, but won't be able to, something that will probably delight members who find my criticisms to be as offensive as I find many of their actions. I may, however, write from time to time on:
  • the efforts of O'Malley and the Democrats to impoverish the people of the state and destroy the state's economy through higher taxes, higher electric prices (despite their campaign lies to the contrary), higher water and sewer prices, excessive regulations of every day activities, and any other schemes they can dream up;
  • the pro-criminal legislation supported by many of our Prince George's County legislators; and
  • the efforts of many of our legislators to put into place a surveillance infrastructure that would probably make Stalin and Hitler jealous (just imagine how many more people they could have persecuted and killed with cameras on every corner and requirements to show ID papers everywhere you go).

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