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Friday, December 07, 2007

Ramirez continues pushing to help Md. illegal immigrants pay for college

(Posted 7 Dec 2007)
Ramirez continues pushing to help Md. illegal immigrants pay for college.
Baltimore Examiner, 6 Dec 2007 (Mabeus).Del. Victor Ramirez remains committed to a bill that would make it easier for thousands of Maryland high school students living in the state illegally to attend public colleges.

Ramirez, D-Prince George’s, said Wednesday that he would work to pass his bill — defeated in the state legislature earlier this year — when the Maryland General Assembly comes back in session next month.

Comment: Pro-tax Del. Ramirez, who recently voted for the largest, most regressive tax increase in Maryland history, obviously believes very strongly that it is a good thing to steal more money from the law-abiding citizens and families of Maryland in order to subsidize and reward people who have broken the law. The pro-criminal attitude of Del. Ramirez and so many of his colleagues among Prince George's County's elected officials is probably one of the main factors contributing to the county's high crime rate. Why should the criminal element feel obliged to obey the law when the people who make laws show their contempt for the law by supporting and encouraging law-breakers?

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    evidently you do not know about his other great piece of legislation he is going to put in which would waive the need for those applying for a liquor license in Prince George's to be U.S.CITIZENS!! but his District 47 constituents keep voting for him