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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Criminals Stalk Hispanic Immigrants, Seeing Ideal Prey

(Posted 28 Oct 2007)
Robbers Stalk Hispanic Immigrants, Seeing Ideal Prey.
Post, 26 Oct 2007 (Londoño & Vargas).
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Hernandez, a dishwasher in Montgomery County, was an ideal target that August night in a type of robbery that law enforcement officials say has become alarmingly common in parts of the Washington region. Hispanic immigrants are being targeted, often in gratuitously violent attacks by non-Hispanics, because they are thought to carry cash rather than use banks and to be reluctant to report crimes to police, the officials said.

The attacks are occurring with such frequency that police in Prince William County have created a task force, and Montgomery police have assigned a specialized unit to tackle the problem. The crimes are having profound effects in the neighborhoods where they occur, causing some residents to alter their routines.
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Comment: Although the story does not discuss Prince George's County, the same kind of thing seems to be happening in the growing Hispanic areas of the county.

Unfortunately, while the Post is quite willing to use information about the race of criminals and victims for its own purposes, it steadfastly and hypocritically refuses to report that information to Post readers.

Looking at the locations of Prince George's County homicides, and the surnames and addresses of both victims and arrested killers, it appears that Hispanics make up an increasing percentage of homicide victims in the county. And there is some indication that homicides of Latinos are increasing in portions of the county which have had relatively small numbers of Latino residents until recently.

Unfortunately, the police and the Post both refuse to tell us complete information about victims and killers, so it is impossible to tell if the growing homicides of Latinos are by other Latinos or by whites or African-Americans as described in the Post story on robberies of Hispanics.

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