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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gory Prince George's: Latest county murder ignored by news media

(Updated 18 Apr 2007; summary & statistics)

Randy Brooking, 27, murdered Monday night, and nobody cares! As best I can tell, NONE of our local media, except wtopnews.com bothered to report this killing. (Later: The Gazette did post a report of it after receiving this message.)

Have our murders become so commonplace that they are not newsworthy?

Or did the "local" media decide that the non-local VA Tech murders were so infinitely more newsworthy that they could not find a few moments or a bit of ink to report a local murder?

Over the past few years many journalists have whined about dropping circulation or viewers and how awful it is that people are turning to the Internet for news and ignoring "real: journalists.

Perhaps that is because "real" journalists are not reporting all the news, and have lost their sense of what the public needs from responsible journalism.

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