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Monday, July 10, 2006

"A Fresh Start for Prince George's Schools:" A reply

(Posted 10 Jul 2006)
Writng in a July 9 Washington Post piece entitled "A Fresh Start for Prince George's Schools," Prince George's County politician Peter A. Shapiro seems to be calling for the opposite--a new school board dominated by the same politicians who have given us decades of poorly perforning schools. Here is the reply I sent to Mr. Shapiro:

What nonsense you have written in the July 9 Washington Post!

Prince George's County schools are the second worst in the state and the second worst in the Washington area.

Despite a few trivial improvements in test scores, that ranking has not improved for years.

A recent Post ranking of area high schools put our best high school in the bottom half, and our second best high school, serving a relatively affluent part of the county, in the bottom third. All the others were among the very worst in the area.

You seem to think that we need "a 'unity slate--candidates who are vetted by and run with the collective endorsement of incumbent state sanators, County Council members and other elected county officials."

Are you just stupid or deliberately trying to mislead the voters?

How can you possibly claim that we would have "A Fresh Start" by electing candidates approved by and beholden to the very politicians who have given us such lousy schools? Why would you want to support current board members who defended the suspected criminal behavior of Andre Hornsby to the bitter end, and then rewarded him with a big cash payment?

The way to really have a fresh start would be to completely reject the current political establishment and elect new, independent school board members who are not associated with the failed policies, politicians, and school mistakes of the past.

Following your prescription will guartantee that our schools remain at the bottom. Is that your real goal?

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