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Saturday, March 04, 2006

News Briefs (Saturday)

(Posted 4 Mar 2006)
  • Md. House OKs embryonic stem cell research funding; Senate backtracks as filibuster looms in Annapolis .
  • The Maryland House of Delegates passed legislation [ HB 1] Friday that would provide $25 million annually for stem cell research. The bill gives preference to research involving embryonic stem cells as opposed to adult stem cells.

    The legislation, passed 85-54 . . .
    [. . .]
    "I am against embryonic stem cell research. It's a personal, religious belief," said Del. Darryl Kelley , D-Prince George's. "I think that life begins at conception."
    [. . .]
    Senate President Thomas Mike Miller , D-Prince George's, said the legislation [SB 144] will be given initial consideration Wednesday. . . .
  • MD passes Stem Cell Research Bill.
  • Wow - I am so disgusted at Maryland lawmakers today. $25 million dollars with preference going to embryonic stem cell research. . . . I am totally opposed to using tax-payers, like me, hard earned money to pay for this. . . . You know what - if so many people believe in this, let them fund it themselves. Don't take my money and spend it on something like this!! . . .
  • House OKs stem cell funding; Senate is to begin debating contentious issue Wednesday; Republican filibuster looms.
  • . . . Republican senators have promised to filibuster the bill, but Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. said the Senate will pass a modest proposal. The funding has been stripped from the bill to alleviate fears that lawmakers are spending irresponsibly, he said.
    [. . .]
    Miller said yesterday that Ehrlich could back the Senate version of the bill because it lacks the funding requirement passed by the House.

    "My prediction is he would sign the bill because on this issue he has governed from the middle," Miller said..
  • House OKs embryonic stem-cell research funds.
  • Md. House Passes Stem Cell Research Bill.
  • Note: Specific voting results are not yet online. Prince George's County sponsors:
    • HB 1; Delegates: Benson, Brown, D. Davis, Frush, Gaines, Griffith, Holmes, Howard, Hubbard, Menes, Moe, Niemann, Parker, Proctor, Turner, Vallario, and Vaughn (17 of 23).
    • SB 144; Senators: Britt, Currie, Exum, Lawlah, Pinsky (5 of 8).

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