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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gory Prince George's: Recent homicide-related news

(Posted 21 Mar 2006)



  1. DISRESPECT ME AND DIE IS THE CULTURE AND WAY OF LIFE IN NEWARK NEW JERSEY.THE D.C. area aint the only place where this is happenin...newrk n.j. 23 square miles with a pop. of 270,000 had 97 homocides in 2005...mostly over simple confrontations..2 weeks ago a man was killed in jersey fried chicken in newark for confronting a man who cut him in line.all was caught on video go to (www.nj12news.com). the killer is still at large.On wed march 22 a mother of six carrying groceries home with her 18 year old son and younger son was caught in the crossfire when her 18-year old son was spotted by a group of other teenagers whom he had beef with..he drooped the groceries and ran inevitably leaving his mom and younger brother to be killed in the barrage of bullets that ensued,the killers still at large..In essex county where newark is located 50 percent of homocides go with out even an arrest.......another 30% dissolve in aquittals for fear of retribution.neighboring east orange and irvington which lie on the western border of newark both posted record breaking homocide numbers for 04 and 05...the trend has grown tremendously in recent years..What can be done? take Brooklyn New York for example. from a high of about 800 or more homocides in 1990(not including Bx,Manhattan,Qns,S.I. that years total was 2,245 citywide)they were down to less than 300 homocides in 2005.... There is a unit in NYC known as the gun squad(Firearms Investigations Unit- F.I.U.) and a gun court in brooklyn...there sole purpose is the removal of illegal firearms from the streets.They are literally like sharks hunting for there prey.so much as an out of state or southern license plate might mean being stopped and thoroughly searched.though it is a violating feeling, and there are no real reasons for being pulled over, it puts an illegal gun owner in constant fear of what might happen..the old days feeling of one can get away with anything in NYC are over.this also applies to persons walking on foot.These guys are credited for turning around former war zones like East New York.A neighborhood of endless housing projects in Brooklyn where the 75th precint aka the nations bloodiest precinct went from a 1990 high of 126 homocides to just 39 in 2005.Though by normal standards that is still considerd a dangerous neighborhood anywhere else in America, in East New York it feels like the sun has finally risen..In my opinion there has to be a feeling of i cant get away with even carrying this gun in the public domain .Its a start...More plain-clothes officers targeting these guns might make a dent..Its a slow yet gradual process that will eventually gain momentum if implemented correctly.On the flip side i am in agreement with anyone who wants to posess a firearm safely in their home.However when an illegal gun hits the streets there is a much greater chance of a simple dispute turning ugly very fast.......

  2. i made this longer than i wished but i hope anyone can put their mind to this topic because it is a real topic and problem