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Sunday, January 15, 2006

News Briefs (Sunday)

(Posted 15 Jan 2006)
  • Robbed in Prince George's -- of Our Peace of Mind
  • . . . That incident planted the seed of my doubts about where I live . . .

    The statistics have been telling a story that is beginning to alarm all of us: As of May 2005, homicide was up 57 percent here over the previous year, carjackings were up 42 percent, rapes were up 25 percent, and robberies had more than doubled. In 2004, 18,000 cars were stolen (more than in any other county in Maryland), and in 2005 173 people were murdered, a record that easily surpassed the previous high of 154 in 1991.

    When my neighbors and I hear those numbers, we wonder if this really is where we want to live, where we want to bring up our children . . .

    He could have had a gun. They might have pounded in his head.
    . . .
    Recently, I've been wondering just how dangerous is dangerous?
    My children cried all night after the fighting men fell on them. We did not go to that Target for many months. Each child personalized the violence, made his or her own connections. My daughter is of Mayan descent, and she made note that the attackers were dark-skinned, as is she. My son, who is white and navigates the world with a fine-tuned moral compass, kept crying, saying, "Why did they hurt that man? Why? He wasn't doing anything ."

    One thing is certain. Whatever message we intend to send our children in this county -- or country -- they are constructing their own responses loud and clear.
      . . . People such as Ms Gerhardt see themselves as innocent victims to such atrocities, when in fact they vote for the same protect-the-downtrodden representatives year after year, and buy into the canard that being prey is infinitely more rewarding than fighting back. . . .
  • Pondering Ehrlich's ticket; Speculation grows on names, qualities for governor's running mate
    • Sun, 15 Jan 2006 (by Jennifer Skalka, Sun reporter).
    • Mentions former county executive, Wayne Curry, as a possible Ehrlich running mate.
  • Health care behind bars
    • Times, 15 Jan 2006 (by Robert Redding Jr., The Washington Times).
    • Report on heath care in area jails, including with Prince George's County.
  • Former gang members try to prevent next generation from making the same mistakes; L.A. nonprofit's program emphasizes intervention
    • San Francisco Chronicle, 15 Jan 2006 (by Rich Connell, Robert J. Lopez, Los Angeles Times)
    • Mentions efforts in Langley Park and quotes Glenn Ivey about MS-13 recruiting.

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