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Friday, January 27, 2006

Dels. Davis, Griffith, and Healey oppose return to single member school board districts

(Posted 28 Jan 2006)
[Comment: It certainly appears that Del. Davis wants to reward three years of failure with a two-year extension to ensure that our schools continue to fail.]

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Date: Jan 27, 2006 4:08 PM
Action by the Prince George's County Delegation on PG 401-06 was postponed today. Delegates Davis (District 25) and Healey (District 22) presented amendments and Delegate Griffith (25) announced that she would be drafting additional ones. All amendments will be deliberated by the County Affairs Committee at their meeting on February 1st, 8:30 a.m., Lowe House Office Building, Room 150.

Derek Davis' amendment seeks to extend the appointed board for two more years.

Anne Healey's amendment replicates a proposal circulated earlier this week by Senator Pinsky (District 22). The "hybrid" board proposal calls for the election of board members from 5 districts, with 4 members elected at-large. The five districts would be huge - 80% larger than the ones in place prior to 2002! More geography, more population, more schools!


*Nine elected school board members are needed so that--

The interests of Prince George's diverse communities can be represented;

Board members can effectively communicate with constituents. Huge districts decrease the ability of board members to respond to parents' questions and concerns in a timely manner. Huge districts reduce the board member's ability to monitor each school regularly and develop school-community partnerships;

The public can be clear about who their school board representative is and who to hold accountable.


Call, e-mail, fax Prince George's Delegates and Senators. Urge them to support PG401-06.- nine single-member districts, and oppose extention of the appointed board and at-large elections

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