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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Smoking ban takes effect in Prince George's

(Posted December 31, 2005)
"Smoking ban takes effect in Prince George's; Steep fines set for violators, businesses that fail to enforce policy"
Sun, December 31, 2005 (AP)
Shorter reports apparently based on the same story:
wtopnews,com, December 30, 2005
wjz.com, December 30, 2005
thewbalchannel.com, December 30, 2005

"Bar Owners Surprised By PG Smoking Ban"
wjla.com, December 31, 2005 (AP)
. . . Prince George's County Health Officer Gwendolyn Clerkley said her department was slow to notify business owners, but they're getting the word out as quickly as possible. . . .
"Smoking Ban Surprises Some Restaurant Owners"
wtopnews.com, December 31, 2005 (AP)

Comment: PG's anti-business, authoritarian nannies win, freedom loses. Is notifying business owners a low priority for the health department?

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