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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Prince George's County taxpayers to subsidize illegal immigrants

(Updated December 10, 2005)
Comment: So far this year, there have been at least 12 murders in Prince George's County within one mile of the day laborer site location reported by the Times. Every victim had a Hispanic surname. It seems likely that most or all were in this country illegally, but it is impossible to tell because the police and media never report that fact.
"Prince George's to open center for day laborers"
Times, December 10, 2005 (by Keyonna Summers, The Washington Times)
Prince George's County is aiming to join other area communities in opening a day-labor center to curb illegal aliens and others from loitering in public places. Officials plan to begin work within months, despite growing opposition to such facilities.

"Go to any 7-Eleven within a two-mile radius of Langley Park, [and] the intersections will be filled with laborers," County Council member Will Campos said yesterday. "They're not going to go away -- especially if people are hiring them at that spot."

Officials said the center will not check the legal status of laborers, of which Mr. Campos estimates roughly "99.9 percent" are illegal.

Such facilities have moved to the center of the debate over whether local governments should spend taxpayer money to help illegal aliens find work.
[. . .]
Prince George's County will contribute $91,000, said spokesman James Keary.
[. . .]
Census figures show about 14 percent of county residents are foreign born.
Mr. Keary said everybody in the area will benefit from the center.

"It's just a whole lot better for the business community, for the neighborhood and for the laborers to be coming to a work center rather than hanging out on a corner," he said.
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