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Saturday, December 17, 2005

More school violence; students have weapons; parents blame schools and police

(Updated December 28, 2005)
"Parents Call for Better School Security; Bladensburg High's Massive Size, Recent Student Arrests Prompt Outcry"
Post, December 21, 2005 (by Nick Anderson, Washington Post Staff Writer)
Dozens of anxious parents converged last night on the newly rebuilt Bladensburg High School to demand tighter security after student fights and other incidents last week that led to 10 arrests.

In a meeting in the auditorium, some parents proposed mandatory school uniforms to help identify who belongs on campus and who does not. One mother circulated a letter demanding action from Prince George's County school officials to address "inadequate and ineffective security methods."

"No doubt, the school is out of control," Judith O'Neal of Bladensburg said, explaining her letter. O'Neal has a daughter in the 12th grade. "Every time she sets foot in this building, I am concerned about her," O'Neal said. "The school is so massive. It's a problem."
[. . .]
School system spokesman John White confirmed Blanding's estimate that more than 200 student suspensions had been issued at Bladensburg High this school year. He said three other high schools had similar totals: Crossland, Northwestern and Oxon Hill.
"Parents Call for Better School Security"
The Life and Times, December 21, 2005 (by M. T. Brown)
. . . If your child is involved in a group fight where one or more student has a weapon (butcher knife in this case), then they deserve to get roughed up a little bit. It is quit apparent that you as a parent did not instill the proper values in your kid so someone has to. We need tougher penalties for the parents of these children. . . . [More]
"10 Students Arrested After Fight At High School; Parents Say Something Needs To Be Done About Violence"
nbc4.com, December 17, 2005
Violence at a school in Prince George's County ended Friday afternoon with several students taken into police custody.
[. . .]
Ten students were arrested at Bladensburg High School [map] after a fight broke out during lunch Friday, authorities said. One woman said her daughter was among those taken into custody.

"They dispatch a call to police to come up to the school. They come up being aggressive. It isn't like this is an adult facility. These are kids. If you don't see anything life-threatening, there's no reason to come and be choking the kids out and stuff," the woman said.

Authorities said several students were charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Police said one student was in possession of drugs and that another had a 15-inch butcher knife.
[. . .]
Some parents blame administrators for the violence.

"They don't have enough security. Stuff happens and security gets there too late," said Tyrone Crosson, a parent.

"They need more police. It's terrible at this school," said Deborah Williams, a parent.
[Full story]
"P.G. County, D.C., and Montgomery County, MD: Bloodshed Updates"
Inherit The Wirbelwind, December 17, 2005 (by Michael Lopes-Calderon)


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