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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Prince George's pivotal in '06 vote

(Posted November 23, 2005)
"Prince George's pivotal in '06 vote; High number of voters key to Democrats, GOP"
Sun, November 23, 2005 (by Andrew A. Green, Sun Reporter)
. . . "The '06 election is going to be won or lost in Prince George's," said state Sen. Ulysses E. Currie, a Democrat from the county. "The governor was in Prince George's two days ago. Mfume was there. Ben was there. O'Malley was there. Everyone realizes you have to go through Prince George's."

[. . .]

"Let's hear it for the Democratic bastion of Maryland," County Executive Jack Johnson, a Democrat, said at a recent Mfume fundraiser in Clinton. "You can get votes on the Eastern Shore, Baltimore or any other place. But to get elected, you have to go through where? Prince George's County."

[. . .]

"For the Democratic Party, it is important that you have a ticket coming out of the primary election that reflects the values, the interests and the political might of the party," said Del. Anthony G. Brown, a Prince George's Democrat. "You're going to have to see one, if not two, Prince Georgeans on the ticket."

[. . .]

"I stood in this room six months ago when they were trying to put a dagger in my heart, and it was Jack Johnson and Obie Patterson and Carolyn Howard who stood here with me," Mfume said.

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  1. Interesting that the county with arguably the poorest record of political leadership of MD counties should be the defining factor for the Dems in '06...poor schools, high crime, demoralized cops, and arrogant local government...rather than crow about their political "clout," local leaders might choose to do some of the hard work they were elected to do.