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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Commentary: Why does Del. Kelley seem more concerned about the fate of killers than about victims?

(Updated December 8, 2005)
"Scheduled Execution Of Md. Killer Assailed In Media Campaign; Death Penalty Foes Pressure Ehrlich"
Post, November 30, 2005 (by Eric Rich, Washington Post Staff Writer)
[. . .]
Six of the seven men on Maryland's death row are black, and all but one of their victims were white. "Even though we go through many checks and balances, the system does not work," Del. Darryl A. Kelley (D-Prince George's) said.
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"Death penalty opponents to campaign for Baker; Radio, newspaper ads press governor to halt execution of convicted killer"
Sun, November 29, 2005 (by Tom Stuckey, The Associated Press)
[. . .]"The death penalty is a flawed system," Del. Darryl Kelley, a Democratic lawmaker from Prince George's County, said at a news conference outside the State House, where the media campaign was announced.

Blacks make up only 28 percent of the population of Maryland, but 88 percent of the people awaiting execution in Maryland, Kelley said.

"The imposition of the death penalty ... encourages our citizens toward a lack of respect for life," he said. "The death penalty is not a deterrent to crime."
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In the first eleven months of 2005 at least nineteen people have been murdered in Del. Kelley's 26th district. The vast majority of them were Blacks.

I have searched Google and Google News, as well as the archives of the Washington Post, Washington Time, and Gazette newspapers, for 2005 news about Del. Kelley.

There is no indication that Del. Kelley has spoken out publicly, much less grandstanded outside the State House, about the murders in his district.
  • Nothing about the increasing violence in his district.
  • Nothing about sympathy or support for the victims or their families.
  • Nothing about steps he is taking to reduce the killings.
Why isn't Del. Kelley outraged about a system that is so soft on Blacks who kill other Blacks?

Why is Del. Kelley more concerned with saving a killer than with protecting people from killers?
  • Alexander Barnett, January 4
  • Tyrone Jackson, January 6
  • Eric Walker, January 8
  • Porshia Pough-Homes, January 31
  • Harris Bright, February 11
  • Adrian Keyes, February 17
  • Christopher Parker, May 6
  • James Williams, June 17
  • Tyrone Butler, Jun 25
  • Shia Yu Hwang, July 7
  • Unidentified man, August 9
  • Willie Williams, August 25
  • Isaac Young, September 5
  • Steven Mann, September 21
  • Wallace Gaymon, September 26
  • Darren Mahoney, September 30
  • Leroy Beatty, November 6
  • Hemann Haiss, November 16
  • Dominic Walker, November 17

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