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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Hate campaign against Michael Steele: Media and local blog coverage

(Updated November 19, 2005)
"Maryland's dirty laundry"
Times, November 18, 2005 (by Deborah Simmons, columnist)

"Steele is ready to deal with Elkridge dust-up"
Times, November 14, 2005
Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele says he is ready for opponents of his U.S. Senate run who attack him for supporting Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s fundraiser at the then-all-white Elkridge Club in Baltimore.

[. . .]

Mr. Steele defended Mr. Ehrlich, a Republican, when reports emerged that the governor had held a fundraiser at the exclusive club in July. The event was widely criticized, especially by Democrats.

However, Democrats also have used the 127-year-old club, including Peter O'Malley-- brother of and adviser to Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, the Democratic front-runner in the governor's race. . . . [Full story]

"No Dean apology for Steele"
Times, November 14, 2005 (by Audrey Hudson, Washington Times)
The chairman of the Republican Party yesterday challenged his Democratic counterpart to condemn racist statements against Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, but Howard Dean demanded his own apology and ignored the question. [Full story]
Editorial: "Unfair mudslinging"
Gazette, November 10, 2005

"Steele decries black critics as racists"
Times, November 7, 2005 (by S.A. Miller)

Editorial: "Racial harassment in Maryland is blind to substantial issues"
News Journal (Wilmington, DE), November 7, 2005

"That's Why They're Called 'Uncle Toms'"
Anderson@Large, November 7, 2005 (by Faye Anderson)

"Steele is Black"
The League Reassembled, November 5, 2005
Free State Politics, November 4, 2005

"A Times smear campaign"
DCBloob, November 4, 2005

Editorial: "Unfair mudslinging"
Gazette, November 4, 2005

"Cardin rejects racial tactics"
Times, November 4, 2005 (by S.A. Miller and Brian DeBose)

"Race becomes issue in Md. Senate campaign"
Associated Press, November 3, 2005 (by Tom Stuckey; published under varying titles in numerous newspapers )

"The Steele story distorted"
DCBloob, November 4, 2005

"O’Malley And Duncan Won’t Condemn Racist Attacks On Steele"
The Baltimore Reporter, November 3, 2005

"Top Democrats duck on Steele hits"
Times, November 3, 2005 (by S. A. Miller)
Three of Maryland's top Democrats -- including the two leading candidates for governor next year -- declined to repudiate comments by black Democratic leaders who said racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele are fair because he is a black conservative Republican.

Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, both white and running for governor, ducked direct questions about the propriety of the black leaders' remarks, which The Washington Times reported yesterday.

[. . .]

But Kweisi Mfume, who is running for senator, yesterday outright condemned the comments by his fellow black Democrats.

"Racially tinged attacks have no place in this campaign for U.S. Senate," said Mr. Mfume, who has chided his party's lack of support for his campaign. "If they did, I could very well be the object of public racial humiliation, based on my skin color, by people who don't like my politics."

[. . .]

Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman backed the black Democrats' comments.

"Mr. Steele is already known by the company he keeps," said Mr. Lierman, who is white. . . .

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., Prince George's County Democrat, and House Speaker Michael E. Busch, Anne Arundel Democrat, did not return calls seeking comment.

[. . .]

Delegate Dereck Davis, a black Democrat representing the Prince George's County district where Mr. Steele lives, yesterday said he "heartedly disagrees with" race-based attacks on the lieutenant governor.

[. . .]

U.S. Rep. Albert R. Wynn, a black Maryland Democrat, said he "emphatically repudiates [and] condemns the racist and stereotypical attacks on Mr. Steele."

[Full story]
"Just how low the Md Democrats have become"
The Baltimore Reporter, November 2, 2005 (by Robert Farrow)

"The Vile Bile We Have To Put Up With"
Michelle Malkin, November 2, 2005

"I think this will only help Steele"
The Commons at Paulie World, November 2, 2005

"'Party trumps race' for Steele foes"
Times, November 2, 2005 (by S. A. Miller)
Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele in his bid for the U.S. Senate are fair because he is a conservative Republican.

Such attacks against the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an "Uncle Tom" and depicting him as a black-faced minstrel on a liberal Web log.
[. . .]
Delegate Salima Siler Marriott, a black Baltimore Democrat, said Mr. Steele invites comparisons to a slave who loves his cruel master or a cookie that is black on the outside and white inside because his conservative political philosophy is, in her view, anti-black.
[. . .]
In 2001, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. called Mr. Steele an "Uncle Tom," when Mr. Steele headed the state Republican Party. Mr. Miller, Prince George's County Democrat, later apologized for the remark.
[. . .]
In July, however, Mr. Mfume noted how Republicans were rallying for Mr. Steele but his party had ignored his historic candidacy. "More voters in Maryland are carrying the impression that the Democratic Party talks the talk, but doesn't always walk the walk. People may find a way to cross over in the fall," he said.

Steele campaign spokesman Leonardo Alcivar said state Democrats are afraid of losing the black vote to Mr. Steele.

"That has caused a great tremble throughout the Maryland Democratic Party," he said. "Of course [they are] going to condone racism. It's nothing new, and it's not surprising."

"Trick or Treat"
Anderson@Large, October 31, 2005 (by Faye Anderson)

"The Washington Times revisits some of the racist attacks on Michael Steele . . ."
Betsy's Page, October 31, 2005

Editorial: "Slurs against Michael Steele"
Times, October 31, 2005
. . . we were unsurprised to hear about a doctored photo posted to Steve Gilliard's "News Blog," a liberal Web site, depicting Mr. Steele as a minstrel and describing him with racially stereotyped slurs. . . .

In 2001, Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller Jr. called Mr. Steele "an Uncle Tom." . . .

In what must rank as one of its most shameful moments, the reliably liberal editorial board of the Baltimore Sun wrote during the 2002 gubernatorial campaign that Mr. Steele "brings little to the team but the color of his skin." . . .

In 2002, during a campaign debate with then-Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Steele-bashers threw Oreo cookies at him. . . .
"Blog fury on the MSM"
DCBloog, October 28, 2005 (by Everett Will)

"Blogger Bashes Steele With Offensive Picture"
wjz.com, October 28, 2005 (AP)
Quotes Prince George's politicians Albert Wynn amd Anthony Brown.

"Liberal Blogger Posted Picture of Steele In Minstrel Makeup"
wjlanews.com, October 28, 2005 (AP)
Republicans and Democrats are decrying a smear of Republican Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele that was posted on the Web by a left-wing blogger. [More]"
"Image on blog portrays Steele in minstrel makeup
Republican senatorial candidate's campaign describes the doctored photograph as 'gutter racism'"
Sun, October 28, 2005 (by David Nitkin, Sun Reporter)

"Blog Attack on Steele Decried; Doctored Photo Criticized by Republicans and Democrats"
Post, October 28, 2005 (by Matthew Mosk, Washington Post Staff Writer)
A racially charged image of Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele on the Web site of a liberal blogger brought recriminations from both Democrats and Republicans yesterday.

The doctored photo of Steele (R) as a minstrel, and accompanying slurs, prompted Virginia gubernatorial candidate Timothy M. Kaine (D) to pull an ad from the site, stevegilliard.blogspot.com . Kaine's campaign had purchased the space through a broker that put his advertising on numerous liberal-leaning blogs. [More]

"Virginia governor's candidate pulls ads after 'Sambo' attack"
Scripps Howard News Service, October 27, 2005 (by James W. Brosnan)

"Michael Steele and the Sambo Smear"
Michelle Malkin, October 27, 2005

"Rising Kaine"
ears to my music, October 27, 2005 (by Ryan Abel)

"Progressive Bloggers need to chill..."
Howling Latina, October 27, 2005

"Bigoted Garbage"
DCBloob, October 27, 2005 (by Everett Will)

"Protesting Steele-as-Sambo and Other Racial Stereotypes"
Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog, October 26, 2005

"BlogCritics and Halloween"
scoopstories, October 26, 2005

"Liberal Blogger Posts Picture Of Steele In Minstrel Makeup"
thewbalchannel.com, undated (AP)


  1. I was sicken to read in today's Baltimore Sun article " Image on blog portrays Steele in minstrel makeup" by reporter David Nitkin, a blogger has depicted Lt.Gov. Michael Steele, who is a African American as Simple Sambo and in "black face" . The blog : http://stevegilliard.blogspot.com/ uses comments made by Steele related to a Gov. Robert Ehrlich fund-raiser at the all white Elkridge Club country club, in Baltimore city, which for 127 years has NOT had African- American members. First of all if this "black face" had been done by a white person, African Americans would be up in arms about how someone of our race has been stereotyped, but this blogger is African –American, who is making fun of and dis-respecting another African- American, in this case Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Powerspeaks has been protesting the Elkridge club, so as someone who has been on the frontlines and until recently due to the rain and the rumor that Elkridge has finally admitted a African –American. Powerspeaks must speak out on this issue. First, of all , Lt. Gov. Steele was one of the few policitans who has spoken out as has Gov. Ehrlich that the Elkridge Club should admit African American. Elkridge being a private club has not confirmed it but, rumor has it that it has recently admitted a African-American. The real minstrel show is that our other politicians (local,district wide, as well as those oppposed to Steele ) should have been speaking speak out but have said nothing!
    Politics aside Lt. Gov. Steele as a African -American stood up and did speak up! We are proud of him.
    For someone to try to discredit Steele in a blog from New York, from out of town, from out of the neighborhood and not knowing the intricacies of the issue is all the more reason that this depiction of our Lt. Gov. should be seen as fake, phony and demeaning to any person and especially a African –American.
    Before you come into our town and try to belittle our leadership, whether its black or white.
    If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
    The REAL minstrel is you and no one has to make up a photo of blogger, Steve Gilliard to prove it.
    If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
    You have given more people reason to support Steele, than you could imagine. If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
    Powerspeaks had been protesting the Elkridge Club for not having African- American members, now we are protesting New York bloggers who think they know what's best for Marylanders and have no clue.
    If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
    African- American bloggers who see their ownselves in "blackface " and have negative images of themselves and then try to project these images on to other African- Americans are the real Simple Sambo's.
    If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!

  2. Why wouldn't this be a hate crime? Throwing oreo cookies, using racial stereotypes, does this rise to hate crime status?