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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Time to replace Lawlah!

Dear Sen Lawlah:

If the Gazette (August 12) report below is true, you may be assured that I will use my blog, as well as any other communications resources available to me, to work for your defeat in the next election. Along the way, I will try to find strong candidates in both parties to ensure that if you are reelected it is as costly and painful a process as possible.

The General Assembly's anti-democratic intervention into the Prince George's school problem has done absolutely nothing effective to improve school results. Your appointed board first kept a corrupt, incompetent superindentent for a year, then replaced her with another failure, and now they want a thrid chance to hire another potential failure. They think luxury gyms are more important than roofs. Their failure, couple with their lack of accountability to anybody, reflects your own failure to come up with any plan for real school improvements.

You, and most of your Senate colleagues, betrayed the children of the county. You have done absolutely nothing effective to improve our schools. It is becoming increasingly clear that you are all far more interested in political power than in educating children--you would betray again.

It is obviously time for a change--time to find candidates who really care about our children. We don't need hacks who are more concerned about building their political machines than about educating our children, and we don't need Senators who sell out to the machine hacks and call it compromise.

Gloria G. Lawlah, the Senate delegation's chairwoman, said she would offer her own bill next year that would establish nine single-member districts elected at large.

"My bill is a compromise bill," said Lawlah (D-Dist. 26) of Hillcrest Heights. "I don't see the votes on the Senate side for [a bill like HB 1117]."

Having nine members elected countywide, but still beholden to districts, was an idea "the senators have not chosen to abandon yet," she said.

While Lawlah said she is not necessarily in full support of the compromise, it was the most palatable. Some senators might have memories of the pre-2002 board and its dysfunctional behavior, she said, fearing a return to the old board format signaled a return to dysfunction.

"The last thing we want is a negative headline about the board in the paper," Lawlah said.

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