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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Reply to commentary on Rushern Baker

(Posted August 14, 2005)
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From: Ed Mann
Date: Aug 10, 2005 10:49 PM
Subject: [PG-Politics] 8/10/2005 11:49:24 PM
To: dcrussell@gmail.com

I can not disagree more with your assessment of Rushern Baker.

How much longer must we tolerate the institutional mediocrity of Jack Johnson's administration? Jack has done nothing on behalf of Prince George's school children. The past three years he has avoided advocating for our children or our teachers.

To write that Rushern Baker delayed real reform is ridiculous. That statement acknowledges the fact that the school board was in dire need of reform. At the time Baker was in the State Assembly, the school board at the time was universally considered to be so ineffective that the only option was a state-takeover. The Board was fighting with a Superintendent who was fighting with the teachers and our children were pawns in that soap opera.

The fact that the appointed school board, the CEO (Mr. Hornsby), the teachers and the County Executive failed to take advantage of a fresh start has nothing to do with Rushern Baker, who is not now a public official.

I pray for Rushern's success in the upcoming Democratic Primary. Baker's leadership for our County will help the newly elected school board return our school system to operational normalcy and his relationships with our legislators in Annapolis will help bring money to our school system.

Your blame is wrongly placed and your commentary is ill-conceived. None of yout rhetoric benefits our children.
Posted by Ed Mann to PG-Politics at 8/10/2005 11:49:24 PM

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  1. I do not know what the citizens of Prince George's County is looking for from a county executive. I was applauded when Jack Johnson won the county executive seat in 2002. He does not and cannot represent Prince George's County. Prince George's County is reported across the country as being one of the most affluent majority black counties in this country where residents have high incomes and bachelor and advance degrees. These people voted for Jack Johnson, a non speaking African American to represent us across the globe. If Prince George’s county is to advance in getting high-end retail and Fortune 500 companies to move into the county we must get rid of Jack Johnson. He has done very little to improve this county. None of the progress has been from him. The progress came from his predecessors. I want a county executive who can speak and is very articulate and can woo businesses to invest in Prince George's County. Prince George County housing market is still prospering when the surrounding areas are not, real estate is lower in this county than other areas close to Washington, DC. This has nothing to do with Jack Johnson. If the citizens cared about reducing crime, removing the corruption and adding new businesses they should vote for Rushern Baker.