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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Open letter to Terry Lierman, MD Democratic Party

Dear Lierman:

I was appalled when I read your demand that Michael Steele apologize. Since you've brought up the issues of demanding apolgies,

I DEMAND that you and the Maryland Democratic Party apologize to the people of Prince George's County for for murders, carjackings, lousy schools, and corruption you have brought to Prince George's County.

Every elected official in Prince George's County--every state legislator, every council member, and every minor official--is a member of the Maryland Democratic Party.

Those elected officials have given Prince George's County

* the worst murder record in the region

* the worst car theft and carjecking record in the region or the state

* the worst schools in the state

* a undemocratic appointed school board that:

* hires crooks and tolerates their behavior

* gives priority to over-budget luxury gyms rather than basic school maintenance

* screws working teachers out of promised pay raises in order to pay exhorbitant salaries to descredited and arrested admininstrators

If there were any truth to your party's rhetoric, Prince George's County should be a paradise.

Instead, it is a hell that proves that your promises are all lies.

When may we expect your apology?

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