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Friday, April 08, 2005

Recall Sen. Pinsky!

Yes, I know we don't have recall in Maryland. That is very unfortunate.

Nevertheless, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Sen. Paul G. Pinsky, like several other of his long-serving colleagues in Annapolis, must go.

Pinsky has apparently become sufficiently arrogant, complacent, and confident of reelection that he feels he no longer must pay any attention to the wishes of the overwhelming majority of voters in the county.

At this point, whether or not we get the elected school board properly restored this year, I am inclined to start using my blog to publish and call attention to the records of Pinsky and his ilk.

Since the press tends to ignore most of the details of what Pinksy and other legislators actually do and say in Annapolis, perhaps I can help potential opponents (of either party) by documenting their anti-democratic, pro-criminal, anti-free speech and religion, pro-wasteful spending, anti-government accountabilty records.

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