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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Elected board; April 6 trip to Annapolis

Can anyone post a report on the April 6 trip to Annapolis.

April 7 editions of the Gazette have an editorial and an excellent stories about the gym boondoggle being perpetrated by the non-elected board, the behavior and evasiveness of of Del. Griffith, and the oppostion of most of our senate delegation

We need to make certain that our anti-democatic legislators, especially Sens. Gianetti, Pinsky, Green, Currie, Lawlah, and Miller and De; Griffith, share in the blame for this wasteful  gym extravagance and for the terrible condition of the schools that have have had their repairs sacrificed as a result. 

I am sure that these senators wilol try to pass the buck, but the buck must stop somewhare, and they will be the elected officials most responsible for leaving us with an unaccountable school board.

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