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Thursday, February 03, 2005

PG Taxers: Green and Johnson conspire to raise county taxes without voter approval.

Dems vow to boost school funding
by Steven T. Dennis
Staff Writer
Gazette, Feb. 3, 2005
. . . Lawmakers also heard a proposal Wednesday to enact a sales tax in Prince George's County to pay for schools. The quarter-cent tax backed by County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D) and proposed by Sen. Leo Green (D-Dist. 23) of Bowie would raise about $17 million a year. Green's original bill would have raised the sales tax by a full penny, to 6 percent, raising $68 million for schools, but he reduced the tax at the request of Johnson. He also eliminated a provision that would have required a referendum on the tax at Johnson's request. . .
Update: Johnson press release supporting the tax.


1. Prince George's County voters, who already bear one of the heaviest tax burdens in the region, have repeatedly, and without exception, voted against tax increases. Green and Johnson know that, but don't seem to give a damn about what the voters want.

2. Just two days ago, the Times reported:
Meanwhile, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., Prince George's Democrat, said he also has no plans to "broaden the sales tax or increase the income tax." . . .
Was Miller fibbing or is Green out of control?

3. February 3 editions of the Gazette also cover the lack of funding for school maintenance
Pupils endure cold classroom; In tears, they demand explanation
and the school system's apparent absoute determination to build a luxury gym rather than maintain existing schools
Councilman says 5,000-seat gymnasium is unnecessary
School gymnasium is a multi-million dollar waste
If Green and Johnson do succeed in overriding the will of the voters, where will the money go? Is there any reason whatsoever to trust that it will actually be spent to improve educational results or deteriorating school facilities?

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